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10,000 Posts...


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I'm thinking more along the lines of "Village Idiot". Has a nice ring to it.


Have you got one spare? We lost ours! Some say he was abducted by aliens, some say he found love in a travelling circus, but we think he got a job writing new ideas for Gordon Brown............:twisted:

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Just stumbled across this thread... quite a debate I see about the "race" to 10,000... I think it just shows how much spare time I (and Mark) have on my (our) hands - I should definitely find something more productive to do... :P


I liked a few of the suggestions from this thread:



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Suggestions welcome. What comes above "Luminous Being"? Or maybe we need a whole new schema? :unsure:


A quote from Ruk, on the original Star Trek series:



Yes. It had been so long ago, I had forgotten.

The old ones here.

The ones who made us, yes.

Yes, it is still in my memory banks.


We could call them "the Old Ones, the Ones who made us"


I can say that since I'm older than most of the users here anyway...ha ha!!

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How about "the Ancient Ones"?


Hey... maybe for you guys :P :P :P



































*jokin o:)

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Certainly would be a great accomplishment! 10,000 posts!


Like wow! Do you work 'tween posts? Or, a full time surfer?

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I am going on ahead and jumping into this thread. :wink::wink:


So have we even come up with a name yet?

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How about "Master Baiter"? Because we are all "Waiting with a worm on our tongue" (baited breath) for the answers from the 10K posters.:twisted::lol:

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