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We need to get this sorted.... fast - every time I see the Terminator the post count seems to have increased by another hundred... you sure you're not bribing Strix or Tiger to bump it up a few notches Mark.... o:)

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So did anyone finally decide on what to bump ReMark to? He has 8 posts to go as of me posting this.




Is there a virtual party planned?

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I'm on here so often that my wife has coined a new phrase for my addicition.....CAD porn.:shock::lol:


Congrats are in order! What would one expect from a New Englander? :roll:

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I remember getting congratulated for hitting 1,000 posts on a different forum; but 10,000 is going for it.


AND all the ones that I have seen have been very knowledgable and helping people.


Keep up the good work; another 10,000 and it may be CADGOD.

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Please take a moment and think to your posts you made in this forum...

Do you remember the post #3962? Or maybe it was the 3926? No, it was the 3927! :)

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Don't place all of your cards on CADMASTER.... He isn't even suppose to be online right now. He just happen to find a computer that has no one watching it.


Don't worry I am not in trouble... I am suppose to be in the Gymnasium until about 1, and didn't feel like going. So I am sitting here in my Architecture Class killing time on CADTutor.


It has been so long since I have logged on, I feel like a stranger in a village.:oops:

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