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Acad 2008 self-studier inquiries

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Last January, I was gifted by an uncle with an old pc which has ACAD 2008 installed. I started trying it out as a "self-study-when I'm free only" and have found it very interesting. I am currently limited budget wise(due to my current state of affairs --I was unfortunately layed-off from a sales job:-(...) to undergo a paid training to truly understand ACAD 2008 so I make do with what I have (thanks to my uncle at that..)


I do have a reference book I borrowed from the library which is "Using Autocad 2000 by Ralph Grabowski" and "The Autocad 200 Tutor for Engineering Graphics by Alan Kalameja" but I can't find my answers there.


I have some questions if I may as I don't anyone reliable to ask about it. Please help me with my inquiries:


1) When I try to change a linetype in a particular file I am studying I cant see the changes I've made to the linetype of a layer. I changed the layer linetype from "Continuous" to "ACAD_ISO3W100" but the linetype remains that of the continuous type. How may I change it?


When I start a new drawing it starts fine. The linetypes as reflected by the layer. But going back to my practice drawing where I try to change the linetype it doesn't change.


2) Also I see in a reference drawing that there is a AM_ISO02W050 line type with a .25mm lineweight but when I check the load list of linetypes there is no such linetype.


3) Is this one added or I need to create a new linetype? If so how may I do that?




4) Can I save layers of an existing drawing file to a new drawing file?


5) Can I save a dimension style from an existing drawing file for use to a new drawing file? I ask because it will make my self-study more "understandable" as I do not need to have to change the settings and just practice drawing in the meantime.


6) Are there plug-ins that are to be added to ACAD 2008. What are they? I studied vocational course in Mechanical Technology and have experience with drafting but very limited. I would like to try this one it may help me in a change in career if sales work will not work out for me.


I know my queries are kind of "lengthy and off-shoot" to guru's like you but I really am trying to learn this one. As yet I am not really capable of paying for schooling as the budget is depleted at the moment owing to the economic situation.


Please help me on this:(.


Thank you very much.



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Hi and welcome to CAD Tutor.


1, It sounds to me that you need to change the drawing scale to see the changes you have made, Type "linetype" and that will give you the "linetype manager" box, bottom right hand corner is where to change the global scale.


2, Not sure about AM_ISO02W050 as never use it but CAD is full of them so just chose anotehr.


4, The way i would do this is copy & paste your drawing into a new drawing and then delet it, the layers will still be there. Might be an easier way but don't know it.


6, not sure what you mean by plug-ins but you can add other things to CAD, Tools drop down menu the go to options, this is where you can add them to CAD, search this site there are loads on here.


Hope it helps.

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The book that you have did it come with a companion CD? If so, maybe the linetype you're looking for is included on the CD as part of a drawing exercise.


Yes, new linetypes can be created from scratch. At this point in your studies you might be getting ahead of yourself. I'd wait.


You can create a template that has all your linetypes, text styles, layers, etc. already incorporated within so you do not have to recreate everything from scratch. You can also use Design Center to pull content from one drawing into another. That goes for a dimension style as well.


You might find an add-on for mechanical. Want is it that you are looking for specifically?

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As ReMark pointed, AutoCAD 2000 is outdated. A simple answer to your questions #4 and #5 is the Design Center -introduced lather, in AutoCAD 2006 ... I think.

You can consider all the "new things" introduced between 2000 and 2008 as plug-ins. If those are not enough, you can learn to write your own commands using macro expressions, Diesel, AutoLisp, Visual Lisp, VBA... You will discover that AutoCAD is *very* customisable.

Good Luck, and don't hesitate to post your questions in the appropriate forum.

And velcome in the forum, Voltron! :)

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Pick up an Ellen Flkelstein Bible from like Barnes and Noble or any other major book store. It will cost you about 40 bucks, but her books are full of info,usually come with a dvd with dwgs and tutorials to work with, Beginner to Experienced

Worth the money

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Another excellent book is Technical Graphics Communication by Bertoline & Webe published by McGraw-Hill. Many of the example drawings appear to be taken from the two books I previously mentioned. This book is rather more recent as it was one I used in a class I took two years ago.

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Hi all, Wow!! A lot of help here. THANKS!!! Yah, I agree that The book I am using is outdated. That is the reason I can't seem to understand it fully. I will check out the books and the Acad Design Center. Can you guys point me to an additional freebie site where I can download ebooks for Acad 2008? I tried out saving an existing drawing file with another file name and then deleting the contents. It did copy all the settings, but as I need to learn more about applying/doing the particular settings myself so I can truly learn it. I worked for a semiconductor manufacturing firm and the files that I currently use are from the product outline drawings I copied there. OK, I will check them out first and thanks for the advice and help here. I really do not have the means to have an education at this moment due to my financial situation but I don't make it a hindrance to learning even it takes a bit longer. Any additional help and advice is deeply appreciated!! Regards, voltron

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Hi ReMark:);


Thanks will check it out. Are there any free ebooks for download that you know for Acad?


Thanks dude:)!


Hi guys:);


Thanks for all the help. Can you point me towards more free ebooks downloads? I may not be able to buy some books due to my situation (wow economy sucks here..):(


Any help is deeply appreciated:D!!



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In lieu of books you could always check out the free tutorials here at CADTutor and other reputable AutoCAD-related websites. I would also suggest joining AUGI (AutoCAD User Groups International) as they have some e-Learning type courses. Membership is free. You'll find them at www.augi.com.

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Hi ReMark; Wow dude! You really are a great help. The more interested I am learning Acad! I will check it out especially the augi. Thanks a lot dude! A cousin also is a prospecting user of Acad but is still in school. I vouched for this forum and says he will member himself one of these days. Regards, voltron

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I member-ed myself in the AUGI and have downloaded files from "mycadsite". I also checked out the sites as advised in this thread. As of now I am really bent on getting freebies at the moment( I really am feeling the pinch of the economic downturn..tsk..).


By the way, the links in the mycadsite had a Lyn Allen's Blog where there is a link for the Autocad 2008 Tips and Tricks Handbook. I tried it out but the link no longer exists. Is there a way or some workaround so I can download the "Autocad 2008 Tips and Tricks Handbook"?


Thanks dude!



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Hi; I will check it out dude! Can you give me tips on how may I attach an acad file or a screenshot for my next inquiry? I kinda hit something of a snag and I want to ask in this forum and I don't know how to do it... Thanks! voltron

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