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Help with scaling a 3D object


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I have an assembly of a small box with added features that I made, and each side of the box is 8 inches in length.


I want to 3D print the box, but I obviously do not want the box to be 8x8x8 when printed:)


Is there a way to easily "scale down" the box so that it is 1x1x1 when measured in inventor?


I am using inventor 2011


I tried searching but could not find anything, thanks for your time.:)

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If I am reading this correct, you want to print this on a 3D printer. If that is the case go to the Inventor Menu in the upper left hand corner, go down to Print, go to Send to 3D Print Service, then a dialog box will pop up and there you can set the scale that you want it printed in. Pic to show dialog box.

3D Print.jpg

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