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Autocad slow down problem POSSIBLY FIXED

Raudel Solis

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im running on a core i7 laptop the computer is top of the line but autocad slows down on it, i remember hearing something about program files and program files x86 architecture folder which is on 32 bit cpus, though i remember while using 3ds max 64 bit it crashed with the Parray particle system, but when i used the 32 bit version it worked flawlessly, im not sure if it has anything to do with it but i COPIED the Entire autocad 2011 folder from c:/programfiles to C:/ Programfiles(x86) and launched autocad from that folder and i noticed a significant speed increase; with little lag due to external components from other dwg files merged into the main dwg. it worked for me but maybe theres another reason for the all of the sudden speed increase


just fyi

i got my graphics card set on


and in autocad 3dcofig command i got everything turned on

number of tessalations to 6


Before i had the current computer i had a powerful hp laptop with a core 2 duo and autocad was extremely fast and i was able to work efficiently problem free on autocad 2010

yes i get versions as soon as they come out :D, ahm well yeah switching to a core i7 i expected better performance wich i didnt experience until now

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the other file path like c:/documents stayed where they were

all i moved was the autocad directory located at c:/programfiles to c:/programfiles (x86)


second day, and autocad has not slowed down after the copy procedure

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is there any type of report autocad can self generate, it didnt work for yall i dont know why it worked for me, autocad was probably running at 15 or less frames per second before 2 days ago.

stuff ive done


activated 3gb switch

also i

right clicked my computer entered into system properties,and on the advanced tab under choose how to allocate processor resources i switched that to background services


yall might want to give that a try

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I'm not aware of any type of report that AutoCAD can self-generate but you can benchmark test your system using a program written specifically for Cadalyst magazine. They use it to compare different systems. I posted a link to it recently.

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cuz it had the increase performance in the description,

is there a reason for which i shouldnt have done that?

oh fyi autocad still working at full speed

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