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Options for creating linetypes.


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In explorer make sure you have hidden directories turned off so you can see them also untick known file names so you can see acad.lin not lots of ACAD files.

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I've tried to change the standard code so that just the letter "G" shows on the line and the text style be RomanS instead of Standard. I keep getting an error from AutoCAD though saying: Bad definition (see picture).


Am I modifying it wrong? Can the text style be modified or does it have to be in Standard text?


Here's the original:


*GAS_LINE,Gas line ----GAS----GAS----GAS----GAS----GAS----GAS--



This is my modified code:


*GAS_LINE,GAS line ----G----G----G----G----G----G--



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Have you set up the text style "ROMANS" in the drawing?


If the text style is NOT already defined and existing in the drawing, you will get such a warning.

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If the text style is NOT already defined and existing in the drawing, you will get such a warning.


So true....

Ugghhhh... Same old vague errors for years and years...

The loading of a linetype from file should either (a) create the textstyle, or (b) tell you in the error message exactly what the problem is (not just the generic "bad definition")


Try loading the same linetype directly from another DWG file instead. An dependent textstyles will get created for you, and you do not get errors.

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Everyone should try their hand at creating a new linetype just for the satisfaction of saying "Been there; done that". It can be fun and educational as well. Good luck.

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How do I create a custom linetype?



  • Directly edit AutoCAD’s acad.lin file, or a copy thereof, using any ASCII text editor such as Notepad. You can add a new definition or copy and revise an existing definition.
  • From within AutoCAD type –linetype at the command line followed by for Create. Follow the prompts as they are presented. A new .lin file can be created or AutoCAD’s own acad.lin file can be appended.
  • In full AutoCAD, click on Express, then Tools and select Make Linetype. Follow the prompts as they are presented.
  • Use a LISP routine called MakeLT as featured in Cadalyst magazine, September, 2008 and written by Ron Perez. The code is available at the Cadalyst website www.cadalyst.com. Click on the tab CAD Tips. Search for the routine by name, Create Custom Linetype or by tip number 3011.
  • Buy an aftermarket complex line generating program such as AutoLINE 2009. Available at www.autodsys.com. The software was previewed in the August, 2008 issue of Cadalyst magazine.

BTW: When new linetype definitions are added to acad.lin insert them after the heading User Defined Linetypes to ensure they will migrate successfully when upgrading to a future version of AutoCAD.


Note that if you have a duplicate linetype definition residing in the User Defined Linetypes section of the file it will take precedence over a definition found in the beginning of the file. Consider it to be like an override.


This link will take you directly to CAD Tips. http://cadtips.cadalyst.com/

The link mentioned above will take you to the homepage of Cadalyst magazine. If you haven’t got this website on your Favorites list you should remedy that oversight immediately.


Now, what are you waiting for? Go out and create some custom linetypes and have some fun in the process.


Update 11/30/10


Ron Perez updated his lisp routine, mentioned above, in June of 2010. The new lisp routine is named makelt2.lsp and can be downloaded from the Cadalyst website. It is Tip# 3011.


Using AutoCAD 2016, I find this does not operate as per the enclosed gif file in the download (see attached - for what is supposed to happen).



On my machine, it asks a couple of questions in the command bar, not a dialogueattachment.php?attachmentid=56722&cid=1&stc=1

box - such as where to save the resulting file, then linetype name, then linetype description, and then nothing happens...


Has anybody actually tried this in AutoCAD 2016 (or 2015)?




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