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Civil drafting school project help


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Its me again with more questions. can you guys take a look at this image and tell me if am going in the right direction? am asking this assuming you guys have seen this before.

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I have no idea what you are trying to do. Perhaps post the assignment details or more info.


So far it looks like you have drawn a (nearly complete, missing line top left corner) grid.

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Am sorry i forgot to put that. this part of what plate 1 tells me to do.



• Before you can draw the contours of the land, you’ll need

to locate all the surveyed spot elevations on your drawing.

The surveyors gathered 216 spot elevations. The spot

elevations, taken at equal distances apart, run across the

length of the surveyed area in 12 evenly spaced rows.


Create a text style named SPOT-TEXT. Select

ROMANS as the font, and use a height of 6and a

width factor of 0.8. While still in Layer Spot, use

the DTEXT command and type XXX alongside the

spot elevation mark in the lower-left corner of the

screen. Now, use the ARRAY command again to copy

the XXX to alongside all the rest of the spot


Connect the lower-left elevation mark (elevation 29.9)

to the mark that’s 50 feet toward the top of the

screen (elevation 32.0). ARRAY this line up. Note that in

this instance, you’ll use only the Row option, and not

the Column option, of the ARRAY command. (You’re

connecting only the marks that range from elevation

29.9 up to BM 312.)

Draw a line from the center of the benchmark to the

middle of the mark that’s 50 feet toward the right

(elevation 93.8). ARRAY this line across the top of the

drawing. Here, you’ll use only the Column option, not

the Row option.

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Thank you.

Now I need to figure out where the contour intervals

cross the grid lines between each spot elevation. am going to read the countour elevation part again and see if i get it this time, if not i will ask you guys again.

Thank you again.

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You're going to have to interpolate the contours manually? That will be a fun task.


Makes the student appreciate Civil 3D a whole lot.

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I think i have to do it manually. this is what it says:

Take as an example the first and second spot

elevations in Row 1 (elevations 88.9 and 93.

8). The

90-foot contour line is somewhere between these

two spot elevations. The difference between the

values of these elevations (93.8 88.9) is 4.9 units.

Try visualizing the difference in elevation between

the two points as divided into intervals of 1/10 units.

There would thus be 49 of these 1/10 units between

the two points. The 90-foot contour line comes

between the two points at one of these 1/10 units.

To be precise, the distance from the first spot elevation

to the 90-foot contour line is 1.1 units (90

88.9). Thus, the contour line is exactly 11 of the

1/10 units away from the first spot elevation. In

other words, you divided the line between spot elevations

into 49 equal lengths, based on the change

in elevation. The contour line will come between

the spot elevations at 11 of these lengths counted

from the first spot elevation. In this way, you’ve

estimated, with a certain degree of precision, where

the 90-foot contour will intersect the line between

spot elevations.

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i think i found where the contour points descrived above are , now the question is are all the rows going to be 90-feet contour and columns 80-feet contour?


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I am familiar with the concept of interpolating contours and have done it using at least three different methods in the past. But it has been a while and I wouldn't want to do it manually any more.

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I went through the course in 08-09. I no longer have the instructions. But I remember that each conture line position had to be calulated on the X and Y. Recheck the instructions, I think that it gives this one example. Then you have to do the rest on your own.

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this part is the one talking obut the x and y.

The area is located in a state that bases all surveys on

the intersection of a meridian and a baseline for that

state. Therefore, the origin (or point 0,0) for all surveys is

at that intersection, and any X and Y coordinates tell the

distance in feet from the intersection. If, for example, a

benchmark is at point 11675,39532, the benchmark is

2.21 miles east of the intersection and 7.49 miles north

of the intersection.


is this what you are talking obout car5858?

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hey Remark do you know how to get contour line footages.

am getting desperate because am getting the last shipment from penfoster and am running out of time.

Please help me.

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What is/are 'contour line footages'? Is that contour intervals in feet (instead of the S.I. Metres)?


Can you post up/send me the details of the whole assignment to look at so I have some idea as to it exactly.


In the real world you are not going to interpolate contours anymore like that. Any decent company will hire a surveyor to survey the land and provide a dtm and contours (which are obtained via interpolation and more sophisticated computer algorithms in software packages). You just need to be able to identify what is happening and if the software is correct (as it can be wrong) and adjust it as necessary.

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