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Needed extracting and changing settings of OPTIONS dialog via AutoLISP


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thank you for your reply.




I don't know how to use getenv and setenv, i.e. I have no knowledge about the name of the variables.


(vla-get-files (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-acad-object)))

The code is very good to get environment variables, so thank you for the help, but how to set variables?

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Guest kruuger

few sample:

(setq *files*
   (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-acad-object))

(vla-get-TempDirectory *files*)
(vla-put-TempDirectory *files* "C:\\Temp\\")

(vla-get-PrinterConfigPath *files*)
(vla-put-PrinterConfigPath *files* "\\\\ahi\\support\\CAD_Install\\LD6\ahi\\PLOTTERS")

ok ?


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updated the post, attached pdf for SETENV/GETENV rererence for you


as for vl


IAcadPreferencesFiles: This object contains the options from the Files tab on the Options dialog

Property values:

AltFontFile =

AltTabletMenuFile =

Application (RO) = #

AutoSavePath =

ColorBookPath =

ConfigFile (RO) =

CustomDictionary =

CustomIconPath =

DefaultInternetURL =

DriversPath =

EnterpriseMenuFile =

FontFileMap =

HelpFilePath =

LogFilePath =

MainDictionary =

MenuFile =

PageSetupOverridesTemplateFile =

PlotLogFilePath =

PostScriptPrologFile =

PrinterConfigPath =

PrinterDescPath =

PrinterStyleSheetPath =

PrintFile =

PrintSpoolerPath =

PrintSpoolExecutable =

QNewTemplateFile =

SupportPath =

TempFilePath =

TemplateDwgPath =

TempXrefPath =

TextEditor =

TextureMapPath =

ToolPalettePath =

WorkspacePath =

Methods supported:

GetProjectFilePath (1)

SetProjectFilePath (2)


(vla-put-QNewTemplateFile VarName "NewValue")

where VarName is product of


(setq VarName (vla-get-files (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-acad-object))))


to check if an object has a specified property


(vlax-property-available-p VarName 'DriversPath)



(setenv QnewTemplate "NewValue")


Setenv variable name is case sensitive so be careful with that


Hope this helps

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Just a suggestion when setting your paths you may want to use strcat and read existing paths and add your own then update paths this way you dont stuff up the generic Autocad ones.


Every body like me about to load 2012 this will help setups as we 13 to do.

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