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Leaders - Add measurements to leaders


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You should simply use dimension command, radius or diameter tools.

Add a child style to your current dimstyle for Radial and one for Diameter.


Set the DIMTMOVE, DIMATFIT, AND DIMTIH as shown in the attachment. DIMTOH set to off.



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added dimtoh
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To create a child style for a dimstyle, start the dimstyle manager, pick New (1), then go to the drop down list (2) and pick radius, proceed from there. You will see a tree structure with your main dimstyle name and then the child styles below that have their own overrides for the radial dims, etc.


Repeat the steps for diameter dims.


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Thanks a lot guys, so far the help has been great. I guess it's easier to just use DIMRAD


I dont know why I was trying to use Leader to show dimension...



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