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CADTutor does different things with different browsers


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I may have to give it a more serious look. I was afraid that as fast as they rushed it out after the vista fiasco' date=' it might not be ready for prime time either. I tend to take the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude when it comes to operating systems. This little machine cruises right along, never gives me any crap. It just works day in and day out, so I see no reason to monkey with it.[/quote']


It's definitely worth taking a look - it may take you a while to get used to (as does anything new), but, after using it for a few weeks I almost guarantee that you won't want to go back to using XP...


The boot time is faster than both XP and Vista (not difficult), and file access and file manipulation are both much faster.


The search functionality and vastly improved start menu with its own search bar has to be one of the best improvements over XP - you no longer have to look through the programs list for a program or use Explorer to look for a file.


Jump-Lists are also new in 7 - I don't personally use them, but I've heard that many find them extremely useful when working on similar files frequently.


Anyway, enough plugging from me...


I too used Windows Xp for a long time, although after upgrading to Windows 7 last year, I see now that 7 is so far better! It is basically everything Xp was with lots of new great features added.


My thoughts exactly :)

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I've been thinking about replacing my old laptop with a newer one. Probably won't be buying a brand new one, but I know a source for good refurbs. I may get one of those with 7. They offer both XP and 7 machines so I may give it a try.

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Okay, so recently (the last week or so?) Firefox has been acting funny with regard to my subscribed threads.


Specifically, I will have just posted in a thread, and then hit "What's New?" button, and that very thread is still marked as unread. I've previously been using Firefox v7, but just updated to v8, and am experiencing the same issue. All CADTutor* cookies have been deleted, and I am logged back in again.


IE 8 is not experiencing this issue.

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This thread shows up fine in "What's New"... So I read a thread I last posted in (which shows as unread), then hit WN button again... still unread.


Then I go back into that thread, and do an edit post, save (no changes), then WN button again... and the thread is now read.


Seems to fixed... for modified / new posts. Is / has anyone else experienced this?

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I use Firefox 8 and had not seen that, but I have noticed that if I hit "What's New" and then hit "today's posts", there's always a bunch of unread posts in today's that didn't show up in the what's new, even if it's the first time I've been here for the day. I don't know if there's a time limit on how long something is new, or if it's just a fluke. Don't really matter. Thanks to my flaky satellite internet connection, I've only been able to get on once or twice all weekend long so I couldn't tell today. Everything was new.

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