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Mtext issue


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Hi there.

I'm a long time reader, but only just signed up because I couldn't find my particular problem anywere else. Just to warn you, it may get a little complicated...


When I type the word TYPE:, then use the tab button, then Enter, AutoCAD automatically writes TYPF:, then every time I tab along, it continually puts the letter A: after.

This more annoying than a real problem, as the job I'm working on currently requires me to go through this hassle with over 100 drawings!


If anyone knows what this little glitch is, or how to stop it, I will be very grateful



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Right-click in editor then go to Bullet and Lists and uncheck Allow Auto-List


It is incrementing the last letter


Any word you do that with Allow Auto-List








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Well that is certainly interesting to know. Thanks Jeff. Now you know why I come here every day. I learn something new each and every time.

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