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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm using 2008 and trying to get one side of my plots to be 1/2" from the edge of the paper (from one of the ends, not the sides). When plotting from R14, our plotter understands just fine and prints a standard ARCH D sheet just the way we want it. With 2008, our standard sheet template sits outside the dashed line that indicates plottable area. I think that autoCAD thinks that the printer can't print that close to the edge, but obviously it can. I've gone into the 'modify paper sizes' options and adjusted the bottom margin to allow enough space for the plot. Plot preview looks fine and nothing is getting cut off, but when I actually print, the printer just prints an extra inch of paper past the margin I redefined so I end up with a sheet that is 24 x 37 and the edge of the plot is still not 1/2" from the edge of the paper like I need it to be. How do I fix this? We are trying to move from R14 to 2008 (and eventually 2014) as the office standard and this is the last hurdle that is baffling us.
  2. Hello, I have Inventor 2008 SP2 and AutoCad 2008 running on a Windows 7 machine. Since it has been installed on this machine, I am having trouble saving an Inventor 2D drawing as an ACAD 2D drawing. The drawing translates OK except that the radii in the Inventor Drawing turn into many small line segments in the ACAD drawing. This is a problem for purposes of dimensioning and exporting to CAM software. Can anyone help remedy this? Many thanks.
  3. Morning Folks, Got a slightly irritating little niggle with tool pallettes, that i was rather hoping that some clever soul on here might have the answer too. I have just updated a whole load of block symbols as some numpty didnt put them on layer 0. When i have created a tool pallette of the sysmbols, 4 of approx 30 symbols have got such a tiny tool image, that its impossible to see them, but oddly the rest are fine. I have checked the blocks are zoomed to extents, checked the drawing limits are the same ones that are okay, and checked that the size of the block is the same, effectively i can not see any diference between the blocks. Even when i increase the image size to max in the tool pallette view options the symbol is to small to identify. Oddly in windows explorer and in ACAD design centre there is no issue with the tool image size. Whilst i could manually create a new image, and tell the tool pallete to use it, if this happens with all the blocks, it could be time consuming, when there could be a very simple answer i have over looked. Cheers in advance for any suggestions of no doubt whatever simple thing i have missed Vicki (still stuck on ACAD 2008)
  4. So I'm the unofficial Cad Manager for a small group of architects and drafters. Sadly, some of the architects are still using 2005 while I'm on 2008 and others are on 2010. Are there general rules of thumb for ensuring that we can all keep talking to one another? Specifically, we're try to decide if we should use annotative styles. I'm afraid we'll be shooting ourselves in the foot if we do, and find out later that there is no smooth transformation to and from the guy with 2005. More generally, is there a list of Cad functionality by year, so I can make these kinds of decisions keeping everyone from 2005-2010 on the same page? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there. I'm a long time reader, but only just signed up because I couldn't find my particular problem anywere else. Just to warn you, it may get a little complicated... When I type the word TYPE:, then use the tab button, then Enter, AutoCAD automatically writes TYPF:, then every time I tab along, it continually puts the letter A: after. This more annoying than a real problem, as the job I'm working on currently requires me to go through this hassle with over 100 drawings! If anyone knows what this little glitch is, or how to stop it, I will be very grateful Thanks
  6. Hi, I learned a quick switch combination some time ago, and used it to great extent whilst creating drawings for my university projects. It's been some time since I had to work with AutoCAD however, and I've forgotten what exactly it was. What it did was the following: Let's say I have 3 plans in 1 model. I would zoom in as I liked on plan 1, and save this viewpoint as 1, zoom in on the 2nd plan, save it as viewpoint 2, zoom in on the 3rd plan, and save it as 3. Now by using the same combination but with a different first function (I can't recall what were these functions) AutoCAD automatically zoomed in on the viewpoint specified by either 1,2 or 3. I'm pretty good with the keyboard and prefer to use it instead of navigating my way with the mouse, that's why I found this method to be convenient. Has anyone used this method and remembers the combination of functions to pull it off? If so I would be thankful if you could share it. I tried to google search it, that's how I found it in the first place, but I couldn't find it anymore, unfortunately. Hope somebody can help!
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