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help with curved frame PLEASE!~~*


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I am an architecture student. Would it be possible to draw curved frame like this in REVIT 2011 and how do I go about in drawing this? (Later on, i would need to apply cladding and other sorts of beam...)


I tried to draw in elevation view using Wall or Column command (like i would in Rhino or Maya) but it wouldn't let me...


Please help... :oops:




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I don't know if this method would translate from AutoCAD Architecture to Revit, but in ACA you define the curved path as a polyline, then convert that into the frame.



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The first thing that comes to my mind is the massing tools.


...mostly because I don't know what I'm looking at, so can't help beyond that.


I don't understand what kind of "frame" it is. Is it a structure? If so, this might help.

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Oh thank you guys!~~*


Thankyou Fried, I'll try your suggestion. The curved frame it is the primary structure and there are beams running perpendicular to it.

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This isn't a curtain wall by any chance is it?


That was my original thought that lead to my own confusion.


I see now what it is. It's structural beams that curve around to form the walls and roof of the structure, so to speak. I like it.


I think you need to do a family for it, in-place or not, and use the swept-blend tool. That's going to be your best bet, I believe. That's how I'd do it as well.

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