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Placing Diamter Leaders - Why set length for leader? (2 part question)


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Autocad 2012


Part I


When I place a diameter/radius leader, it is a set length.

I can move it all around the circle I'm dimensioning but the length of this leader is set.

It is really short and it sucks to have to place the dimension then move it to where I want it as a second step.


Is there a setting that will allow me to drag this dimension where I want

and make the leader as long as I desire?


Part II:


In Autocad 2009, if you wanted to change a leader location,

you could pick the text grip and it would move the end of the leader to that

point then place the dimension from that point. Now picking the grip places the text

and I have no control over the angle of the leader

(our standards require leaders to always be a set angle from the object!)


PLEASE advise!!




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1) Are they actually "leaders" or are they Radial Dimensions (DIMRADIUS) and Diametric Dimensions (DIMDIAMETER)

2) If they're leaders, are they Multileaders (MLEADER) or QuickLeaders (QLEADER)


Part I; Yes, you should be able to place the text anywhere you wish, only the landing length should be fixed.



Part II; I can only replicate what you described if I explode them, otherwise they're linked together.

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I'm calling them leaders but I'm placing them with DimRadius/DimDiameter.



In your dimstyle, Fit tab, check off Place text manually (DIMUPT sysvar) in the lower right.


We have a winner!!




Thanks so VERY much!

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That's interesting? DIMUPT has no affect on my Dimdiameter and DimRadius dimensions, only the placement of text between dimensions with extension lines.


That is not how mine works at all!:?

With the box unchecked the DIA/RAD leader is a very short fixed length.

I can move wherever I want it once I place it initially,

but the length is fixed during the initial placement.


Anyone else have any insight?

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Oh, I get it now, enabling DIMUPT for Dimradius and Dimdiameter is only necessary if the "Fit" option (DIMATFIT) is changed from the default setting (3) to constrain text so it's always inside the extension lines.

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