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I have a strange problem with print/print preview. I create a 3d model in Autocad2012 for a mechanical assembly, then from the model I produce the 2d views I need. In addition to the 2d drawings I also create an Isometric DWF print.

I then put all the 2d views together in 2d drawings, add the dwf as an underlay and then create a drawing layout in paper space. For ease I divide my layout into 3 view ports (three: left combination). The left viewport contains the 2d views, the right top port contains the DWF under lay (in colour - shaded) and the bottom view port contains text etc. the view port borders are set to a hidden layer so that they do not appear in the print.

This has always worked fine but recently I have the problem that the Underlay, although visible in the layout, is not visible in the print preview. When I print the drawing it does however appears on the print. If I move the Underlay to the text view port it appears in the print preview. All properties for the 3 view ports are identical. So what has gone wrong?

I must have changed a setting somewhere but just can’t seem to find the problem.

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