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Insert raster image white is grey


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I'm trying to insert a raster image by just, insert raster image.

the image is a jpg. file and is in greyscale.


it is a logo. the logo is in black and the background is white.


when i insert and print it shows up alright but the parts that are supposed

to be white print out as a light grey.


Can anyone help with this?

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Try to open the drawing in paint, save as 256 Color Bitmap, insert the new raster image into autocad, right click and in properties set background transparency to YES. If there are more than 1 images to convert, I think you should use a picture viewer that has batch conversion as one of its features. There are many out there that can do the job quick and neat.

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hi, thanks for the responses this is great!

well i tried the 256 bitmap per nicolas but result came out the same.

i have attached a snapshot of what i have, you can't tell from whats shown [and i've painted out private info but have bubbled the raster images which show frame around]. the greyish parts don't show up as a pdf or on preview but when they come out of the printer it shows greyish.

Could this be a printer issue instead of image? using a commercial canon imagerunner printer/copier at the office.


any suggestions?

grey on white.jpg

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Ifs its ok on pdf and print preview, you can be sure it is printer-related. It may also be a setting in your printer. You may print the pdf on another printer and see if there is a difference.

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If you are scanning the image, perhaps you could save it as a black and white Tiff image. When you insert this raster image, you can turn transparency on and there would no grey printing. :D

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so I printed on another printer......looks like i will have to figure out printer settings as it came out okay on the other machine.

thanks for all the help everyone.

[will try also the last to convert to tiff but not sure how this would help in anyway].

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