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Creating accurate border for drawing


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Hi guys,


I am trying to create a set of drawings to a standard and need to be able to create a border for them. I am an AutoCAD noob and have tried creating a border in a layer, but it needs to be 5cm from the edge of the page. I cannot for the life of me see how to specify that. I know this is probably a ridiculously easy task... when you know what to do. Can someone shed some light?


Cheers in advance!

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Welcome to Cadtutor.

Oddly enough, even though Titleblocks/borders are a part of nearly all drawings, AutoCAD does not have a specific wizard or tutorial for how to create them. The short answer is you have to create your own (or steal one from somewhere else, like one of the template drawings in your Autocad support folder) Basically, you draw it from scratch, making it full size (ie 10 cm smaller than the paper you're going to print on), save it as a block, then insert it into Paperspace


Just to be certain, the picture below is similar to what you're looking for, right?



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