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Overlay with Google Earth or Google Map


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Hi there,


I am using Autocad LT 2013. I wish to use Autocad to draw subdivision lines and need to overlay satellite imagery (Google Earth or Google Maps) in tandem with Garmin GPS waypoints taken in the field.


In the 'type a command' ribbon, when I type in 'GEOGRAPHICLOCATION' and select 'Import the current location from Google Earth' (opens Google Earth, where you can retrieve a location to import).


Then a window appears which says 'Navigate to the location in Google Earth that you want to import before continuing (for best results, configure the view in Google Earth to look directly over the location that you want to import).


When I select 'continue' the command ribbon asks that I, 'select a point for the location :


Can someone please explain what this means? I have looked at the co-ordinates on google earth and attempted to enter but it does not feel right. Then says 'specify the north direction or (angle):s, then 'Point or option keyword required'.


Can someone suggest a way to have the ability to draw subdivision lines on satellite imagery. Garmin's Basecamp will allow drawing on top of google earth but I do not want tracks, I will only use the waypoints made by the gps device, but I need to draw measured lines that reflect the co-ordinates of the location.



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If I am not mistaken, the GE functionality was removed from AC2013 products. It still has the option to import a "location" as a geo-marker.

From C3D 1013 help:


Specify the geographic location, orientation, and elevation of objects in a drawing.

Useful for sun studies, environment analysis, exporting to AutoCAD Map 3D, and working with Google Earth.



Geographic location information can be specified in one of the following ways:

  • Enter the latitude, longitude, and altitude manually
  • Import a KML or KMZ file with the geographic information
  • Import a location from Google Earth

When you specify a geographic location within a drawing, a geographic marker is displayed at the specified point.

NoteThe marker cannot be selected, but you can control whether it is displayed using the GEOMARKERVISIBILITY system variable.



I'm not sure what the use of that really is.

But it appears you cannot import the imagery (or surface) directly into AC any longer.

It was never very accurate, but still had it's usefulness.


With LT, you might be limeted - can you import images?

if so, using the USGS Seamless site might be a better option.



Hope this helps

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