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Attributes to sync with Fields


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Recently I've gotten into this type of problem.

Have an ATT "A" that is set. I can change it and it will change. But I also have an ATT "B" which works the same way as the "A".

I've added a MTXT into the block so that both ATT's A and B will work together, meaning they will always be in a dead center - something like text (no matter what the string is, you can Align it Middle Center), using a FIELDS option, and parameter set to VALUE.


It works when placed into the drawing, but need something that once I place the block and want to edit the VALUE, the Fields will update/sync.


I'm asking for some guidance from you guys.

Thank you in advance for the help.


A and B.dwg

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Unfortunately, even though it says that it updated so and so fields, it does not update them at all.


My settings are set to 31 as for the Fields updating.

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