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I've created similar detail sheets for a civil engineering company but the most details I ever put on the sheet was 16.


RobDraw: Not to hijack this thread but UCAssociateCAD was looking for you yesterday.


Now back to our topic.

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actually 3 is my max as far as I can remember.


Hah, tell me this is not useful.


Insert 65 tiny equal sized viewports covering the entire printable area of one page, with each one showing an adjacent view exactly aligned with all its neighbors. Then activate a different VP on each of 65 copies of the same page. Staple the copies together in a stack, then flip animate a blank spot randomly jumping all over your drawing.:lol:


I knew it was dumb, and I typed it anyway. eeish. It won't even work since they all print.

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Seems less than 64 viewports, way less, is the norm so far. Anyone else want to chime in? Come on guys. Anyone here using more than 64 viewports on a regular basis? If so, please tell us what type of drawings were being created. Maybe that will help me understand the reasoning behind that many viewports.

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