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[3DS MAX] Problem with plug-in


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I downloaded student version of "Autodesk 3DS MAX 2013". I would like to install the Apex/PhysX plug-in but I can't. When I try to run the Apex plug-in, Autodesk write "Apex plug-in is not made for this version of the program".

So, I would like to know if Apex/PhyX is available for student version of Autodesk and which manipulations have I to do.




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I have placed it in my plugins folder but it doesnt show up anything when I run the Max.


Maybe this is why:

It's compatible with scanline, Vray, Brazil and FinalRender. MentalRay is currently not supported.


Try putting the .dlt file in the "stdplugs" folder and see if that works.

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got it solved, it was a map so I also placed it in Map folder and ran the software and noticed I should have looked for it in the Map tab of materials. I am not sure though where its actually running from, from Plugin folder or Map folder.

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