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Connecting Part List for Assembly to Revisions


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I have an assembly (with 4 parts) that I am creating a part table for. I am getting more familiar with iParts and iProperties, but have not found how to connect the revision on the part drawings to the table of the assembly. Everything I have read points to using the Vault but I have never set that up. Is this going to be the answer moving forward or is there a simpler way of achieving this? I am assuming that getting the Vault implemented in everyday use will be the best so that may be my next headache. Any good references or information would be great. Have a great St. Patrick's Day! :luck::beer::luck:

-Kelly Patrick

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So, if I correctly understand what you're asking, you want to have the Rev # for each part show up on the part list? So that you can say, for instance, that the correct item to use is SKU 5001886 Rev A? And then if you make a change to the part and roll out a new rev, the next time you update the drawing, it'll show 5001886 Rev B in the part list instead of Rev A?


If this is what you're trying to accomplish, it's pretty simple. Just edit the parts list table style and add a new column for Revision Number, then make sure that you're keeping the revision numbers for your IPT's and IAM's up to date.


As far as getting Vault implemented in every day use goes ... good luck with that one. It's been like trying to herd caffeinated ferrets through a room full of shiny objects here. Everyone has to have their hard drives set up exactly the same way, or it screws things up for everyone else. I've pretty much entirely stopped using Vault, simply because I decline to have my file structure polluted the the effluent of 10+ years of other people not caring where they put things.

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