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Having Copy paste issues any assistance would be greatly appreaciated


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we switched from civil 3d 2012 to 2014 and since we switched my copyclip (ctrlv or right click ) will work for the first few times then after that it will say

"duplicate definition of block XX ignored

Substituting [simplex.shx] for [TB.shx].

Substituting [simplex.shx] for [GB-LD.SHX].

Substituting [simplex.shx] for [TC-ROMND.SHX].

this happens when pasting the same item in that ive already pasted in 2-3 layouts and once this starts happening i cant copy paste at all untill i shutdown autocad and reset my computer (which only works like 30% of the time)

also this would happen regardless of what the object is i could draw a line and not be able to copy paste it. and another thing it does when this starts happening is it creates a few dozen random blocks *A2556 etc etc that i have to purge out. please help me with this issue ive managed to figure out/deal with all the other issues autocad 2014 has brought to us but this one i cant figure out for the life of me and its not just my computer it happens on all of them and happens even if you start a project with nothing

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Have you tried PURGEing out excess .SHX references? I can't really think of what might help. Do you alway 'Paste as Block' when pasting from clipboard? Have you tried an AUDIT?

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yea if i purge then audit then save and restart my computere theres a 50% chance it will work to paste a few times then it will stop doing it again the new patch seems to have fixed it so far though.

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