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after loding lisp : "error no function definition , ACET-STR-FORMAT"


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currently i found on the web , this lisp to draw Road profile or any other profiles by the lisp that contains two commands :


1- " NGL " : To draw natural ground elevation in terms of station and elevation from an excel sheet with a Datum .


2- "PGL" : tO DRAW DESIGN ELEVATION from excel sheet too , with same datum.


the lisp states an error message "error no function definition , (ACET-STR-FORMAT ) after loading " NGL" and entering datum , BUT it work with " PGL" without any error ... ??!!


i use AutoCAD2012 ? , what do you think that the problem is ?error message for  this lisp in NGL command.png

lisp and excel are attached .




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i tried this , and loaded express tools , but still same message appears .

(setq datscaled (list (car datreal)(* verscale (cadr datreal)) ))

(setq opt nil)

(while (and(/= opt "Yes")(/= opt "No"))


(SETQ dopt "Yes")

(initget "Yes No Options")

(setq option (getkword (acet-str-format "\nAttach Start-up Template [Yes/No/Options] : " Dopt))

option (if option option Dopt) )

(IF (= option "Options")




(setq opt option)





is there any approach to avoid that error ?? , the part of LISP that includes the appeared error text: " acet-str-format " .

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