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Trouble with changing text formats in a table


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Hi All,


Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in. But I'm having trouble with formatting a table a certain way. I am creating a table with a user input. User will input a footage as in 500 and it formats to 500'. Or a diameter in a separate column which will format 2 into 2". I did this by adding a suffix using additional formatting after choosing the data type "whole number."


My problem en lies than even after i make the cells "format locked" it wipes away this formatting after i hit delete. Say I wanted to change a footage from 500 to 400. I hit delete then enter 400 and the formatting I did for the cell vanishes and it populates as 400 instead of 400'. Is there anyway to keep that formatting after I delete? Maybe a system variable? Thanks. I can upload an example file if more info is needed...






edit: also i am using AutoCAD Map 3D 2014

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)

I am unable to replicate your problem.

It sounds like you have formatted your cell style appropriately, and presumably remembered to hit OK twice,

once when exitinig the additional formatting dialog, and once more exiting the cell formatting dialog. Then would be the time to LOCK the cell formatting.

After deleting the previous value, and while in data input mode, the formatting will not display, which is normal.

After entering the new value, if you hit ESC, TAB or ENTER, or click anywhere outside of that cell to complete the data entry mode, the formatting should be applied.

It sounds to me like you are stopping mid-action, and need to take one more step, any of the above.


I am using Autocad Vanilla, but am quite sure that the table functionality will be the same in your vertical product.

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Ok, I may need to upload an example. I'm doing everything you guys suggested (I think). I have the table arbitrarily filled out. The main problem is even though the cell is format locked, the format disappears when I hit delete. If you just delete a length or size hopefully you will see this so you understand the problem.


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That was a bit odd, but I created new cell styles for each of the columns, defined them in the tablestyle dialog, including the additional formatting for each column,

working a lot better now, formatting locked in the columns that have additional formatting applied. Any of the formatted cells should display units, once there is data,

and you hit ENTER, or leave the cell by TAB, ESC, or otherwise.

example fixed.dwg

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