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Insulation hatch


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theres already a linetype in AutoCAD called zig zag



Hello Andrew, thats true, but I would like one LISP routine for use in batts insulation. You know, just point out the starting point of your insulation, then the end, and final the height of the batt insulation - that should be like Zigzag. My opinion is that the line zig zag doesnt do it well.. can you help me?


I send you an image, where I have put some hard bags, and use the zigzag symbol, made with normal lines copying each other.


Do there exsist an Lisp routine that can replace that?


best regards..


Ib (Cyberkid)

Zig ZAG Model.jpg

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i cant figure this out. i want the 'normal lisp routine batt insulation' as shown in pic above.

i copy and paste 'insul' into autocad 2008 and not much happens. wot command should follow? wot should i do? can anyone please give me step by step instructions?


plz help

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Well plz - i did try too, and it do NOT work well, the zig zag line is awful, and very difficult to administrate.

I had a long period e-mail correspondence with Jeff Sanders (hard core autoCAD) but in the end he replied that he did not have time to do an ordinary well working zig zag lisp routine.

I am looking too - for an similar lisp routine that WORKS ::::

best regards Cyberkid :)

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dommy can i get a copy of that lisp routine please it will come in very handy !



How about a linetype? AutoCAD has a linetype named BATTING.


I created a LISP routine to load the linetype and draw a line that has the correct scale based on the insulation size and drawing scale...I can give it to you, if you want...

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here is a lisp routine that i got from a friend years ago (still works great)





should do the trick


works perfect in acad civil 3d 2017!!

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