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profile curve definitions / examples


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Hello all,


Does anyone have a good resource for the definitions of vertical curve types? Something with examples along with definitions, like a pdf hopefully.


Any and all help and links are appreciated.


Happy Thanksgiving,


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Bit surprised about the question given your discipline is Civil, any decent civil designer should know where to find the info on a road vertical curve, the answer though is its in the state design manual.


What about horizontal spirals ?

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Perhaps I didn't explain myself clearly. I am looking to do a short demo of the different types of vertical curves available when designing a profile in civil 3d. There are about 14 different types and I was looking for a resource prior to having to write it all out.



Thank you for the rude and condescending reply. Consider keeping your thoughts to yourself if you cannot be of any actual help. And for the record, I am a very capable designer.





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There are only two types of Vertical Curves - Crest, and Sag, of course. Haha :rofl:




Joking aside, and as a fellow civil designer, unfortunately the short answer is 'no, not really'.


Civil 3D may be criteria-based, but at the end of the day, offers too much of what we don't need/want, and too little of what we do.


For example, here in Florida, I can configure FDOT design criteria, but a PVI-based Profile is not even smart enough to detect when change in grade, based on design speed, has violated the 'without using vertical curve' rules I end up having to adhere to for project approval. Further, my approving agencies (not just FDOT) tend to prefer symmetrical vertical curves, despite the myriad options that Civil 3D provides, such as asymmetrical (which I tend to reserve for on-site/private roads when absolutely needed), etc.


In practice, I only use the "Free Vertical Parabola (PVI based)" curve for your standard, symmetrical Crest/Sag curves (+/- 99.9% of the time), which obviously offers the same driving experience & ride quality either direction, and the "Free Asymmetrical Parabola (PVI based)" for the rest.




That said, as far as documentation goes... You can pull a lot from the Civil 3D help to avoid writing it all yourself, although you may need to search for each-and-every-single vertical curve type, one-at-a-time (because the help is so well organized, that is :glare: ). Obviously there's Google searches for apt bloggers, or even the 'Mastering' book series put out for Autodesk products each year.



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I am doing a terrible job explaining what I am looking for in this thread. I am looking for explanations, applications and descriptions of the curve types listed in the dialog box shown below.

vc types.jpg

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