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Importing AutoCAD Profiles


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Hi, all.



Is there a way of importing a profile *.arg file (in the "Options"|"Profiles" tab) and have it simply change settings under the "Options"|"Files" tab and nothing else?



I wouldn't mind going into the *.arg file and deleting lines, as long as I knew which ones were important. But would the profile import just fine if it did not have all the lines? For example, if I deleted everything in there that did not pertain to search paths, would it still load up?



Right now, when we load a profile *.arg file it changes everything... the cursor size, background color, buttons, the way it selects elements, etc., and it would be very important that each user could upload a profile, based on which client standards one's working on that day, and have their customizations untouched.



It might simply be that it can't be done, or i just don't know enough about profiles, but any help on this issue would be much appreciated.







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