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my new company are using autocad LT and dim everything in paper space. I have no choice in the matter so am trying to follow procedure.


I can see the benefits of it but have had a few errors which is causing me problems.


basicially the dimension are not reading the vaule they should. for example I have a drawing with a view port of 1:16 (don't ask) and dimensioned from two points a value of 2400mm. I then continued drawing and at some point have went back and noticed the dim now reads 38,400mm. this is happening often and I can see the relation of the sizes, 2400 x 16 = 38,400mm. this has had me stumped and I started deleting dims and then redoing them and then noticed if I match properties it would go back to 2400mm. I then noticed today that if I select the dim and go to the properties window and "Primary Units" the "dim linear scale" value is "-255.9999"


I then changed the value to "1" and then dim corrects itself. I did notice that the value in the properties changed from "1" to "-16" as soon as I type "1" and enter.


Now I know that before I print I do a select all, filter rotated dims and change value to "1" this should solve the problem but this feels like a work around and I must be missing something.


many thanks for any help.


I have search online and have found an answer altho quite a few mentions.

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In your dimstyle you would need the scale factor set to match the viewport scaling so when you pick two points you get 2400.


Post a dwg easier to see whats going on, 1/16 and metric is odd, 0.05 would be better than 0.0625

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You need to be using Associative Dimensions (DIMASSOC=2) and make sure you are snapping to real places in model space (EndPoint, MidPoint, Intersection and Center). You may need to use DIMREASSOCIATE and/or DIMREGEN to update associative dimensions.


Also note:

Although associative dimensions support most object types that you would expect to dimension, they do not support the following:


•Multiline objects

•2D solids

•Objects with nonzero thickness


•DWF underlays


Associativity is not maintained between a dimension and a block reference if the block is redefined.


Associativity is not maintained between a dimension and a 3D solid if the shape of the 3D solid is modified.


Dimensions created with QDIM are not associative but may be associated individually with DIMREASSOCIATE.

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