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Replace old template with new one but keep infromation

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Hello all,


Im new here and learned alot from you guys. Now i have a problem that i couldnt find an answer to.

I have one drawing template/ block with attributes.

I want to insert my own templete/block but still use the attributes from the old one.


This will be done at multiple drawings at once.


I have tried the "extract Data" function but are unable to insert the information back again (multiple drawings)

And the best option would be to insert the templete/block and the info without opening the drawings sepretely.


If this cant be done in autocad, is there any other software available? :)

See attatchment with 3 exmaples in one drawing. Note that the drawing templates are seperatly normaly


BR Johan

EXEMPEL template move.dwg

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Since your attribute tags are changed, i think this'll be hard with just AutoCAD...

I'd write a custom LISP for this one, wich extracts all attributes from the old block and then places it in the new block.

You could also do a check, so when you open the drawing, it instantly checks if a block with the old name exists, and replaces it for the new one.

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