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Invalid of incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded


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This is my first forum post and I have been doing a lot of searching before coming here so please be nice!



I'm having a problem when trying to open a DXF file in AutoCAD LT 2017, I'm getting an error saying:



'Invalid of incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded'



I have an issue with a drawing where there are lots of blocks and line types that can't be purged out. Normally with our drawings if you DXFOUT and DXFIN it then allows you to purge everything but when I get this error I hit a dead end.



Unfortunately I can't upload the drawing itself here due to my companies data security policy but if you need any more details please ask and I'll see what I can do.






P.S. The file itself is saved in AutoCAD LT 2010 and I'm trying to open it in 2017, I've also tried 2013 but this gives me the same error message. All of our 25,000+ drawings are saved this way and we only have access to 2017 and 2013 versions of AutoCAD LT yet this error only shows on a small amount of drawings.


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Thanks for the quick reply ReMark.


I tried to open the DXF file in word but get the attached error message. I've contacted our I.T. department to hopefully get this fixed so I can try your suggestion. I'll let you know if it works.


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Do you get the same error if you DXFOUT from AutoCAD 2013?


Never use Word to edit a DXF, use Notepad or other plain text editor like WordPad or Vim. Word has a tendency to add stuff in a clandestine manner.

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Ok our I.T. department found a solution. All of our drawings automatically save as 'AutoCAD LT2010' so I was getting a 2010 .dxf file, he simply saved it using the 'AutoCAD LT2013' option and it then allowed the file to be DXFIN'd without crashing.



Thank you both very much for your help.

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