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Solidworks & MacBook Pro ???

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Uh Ohhh....

I have a correction. (Just spoke to my friend)


It was Civil 3D not LDD.


He confirmed the Mac was faster though.



Apologies to all for my mistake.

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Well without specs to compare to it amounts to nothing more than a "unicorn or bigfoot" sighting. Just because a machine is more expensive than another is not a base of it's performance. One needs to spec a machine for the task at hand.

Sorry but without the data it is simply that, "a great story"


My old PowerMac G4 Cube was "faster" than my AMD 486DX4 but the G4 would not run AutoCAD LT12 so........ ;) That was the last Mac I owned, well I did get a version of OSX Tiger to run on a P4 based PC. Very pretty OS but ultimately useless to me.

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