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Locking the location of the "Text Formatting" box when editing Text

Incognito Cube

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Hey everyone! It's been a minute.

Quick one here... Is there any way to lock the location of the Text Formatting box that pops up while editing text in C3D 2014? I'd prefer it to pop up over my Ribbon, rather than in the actual Drawing Window. See below for clarification.


I thought I saw this ability in the CUI one time when I was helping a co-worker, and even thought to myself "Oh, hey! That would be very useful for my text editor!" But of course, I was pulled off to work on something before I got back to my machine to set it up, inevitably forgetting my personal task completely.




Text Formatting 1.PNG

Text Formatting 2.PNG

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Removed "Default Location from screencap 1, to reduce potential confusion
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You are absolutely correct about that. :)

My question, however, is if anyone knows of, or can find the possible system variable or section in the CUI where this dialogue box's spawn location can be defined (possibly via pixel coordinates, or something similar.)

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I'm not familiar with C3D but in AutoCAD 2016 if the MTEXT toolbar is disabled then I double click mtext to edit it the ribbon display changes to text formatting automatically.

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This same thing happens in C3D, fortunately. You can see it in the screencaps above coincidentally. It does look like it has everything I would need, but man... The thought of having that ribbon open 24/7 AND changing my habit to look there when I edit text is making me wanna hurl. 

I do suppose it will help me in the long run by not having to drag that dialogue box out of the way every time I edit text, and since I can't find anything online about the original question I suppose this will have to do! Let the re-training commence... :surrender:


Thanks for the reminder of this option @SAFeSTeR :beer:

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