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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone! It's been a minute. Quick one here... Is there any way to lock the location of the Text Formatting box that pops up while editing text in C3D 2014? I'd prefer it to pop up over my Ribbon, rather than in the actual Drawing Window. See below for clarification. I thought I saw this ability in the CUI one time when I was helping a co-worker, and even thought to myself "Oh, hey! That would be very useful for my text editor!" But of course, I was pulled off to work on something before I got back to my machine to set it up, inevitably forgetting my personal task completely.
  2. Hi, I'm new here, in fact I signed up just to ask this. I've been using Autocad 2014 on my Windows 8 laptop with no problems, until I had to have the hard drive replaced, then the technicians upgraded my OS to Windows 8.1. Autocad seems to be working just fine, however I'm experiencing some clicking problems: 1. Copy command - When I select multiple objects, I have to click twice before I can select anything. Nothing happens on the first click. 2. Move command - When I move objects, I like to click on empty space as a base point. however, it doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks. Lily
  3. sandiegophil

    Corridor enhancements in 2014

    Hello, I have been trying to find a comprehensive, detailed site/page specifically related to corridor enhancements in 2014. I have found very generic ones but would like it to be more technical and direct. I have also found sites for comparisons between versions but this is not my quest... Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Phil
  4. After installing 2014 last year, one of my guys compained of his software locking up and showing the message on the command line "unknown command". You could still pan and zoom, but nothing else. Even the "X' in the corner of the file or software would not exit the file or software. I thought it was something the guy had done and said I'd repair or re-install if he had the problem again. He didn't. Then late last year I got the problem a couple of times. As a last resort I re-installed ACAD, but it hasn't solved it. I'm now getting this problem on an almost daily basis and it's really starting to tick me off. It's usually when I have multiple files open and I'm switching between them or saving/exiting/checking in to vault. Any suggestions or has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Does anyone have any clue why I can't see the in my file tab bar (AutoCAD 2014)? I have this much of drawings opened: And still can't see the overflow icon!
  6. Hi all, I have a small lisp getting loaded every time I open a drawing (located in Startup suite). It was working perfectly fine in AutoCAD 2013. Since upgrading to 2014, the following scenario happens: This is how I last saved my drawing: This is what I get after opening drawing (notice it is not zoomed to extents): This is what I was expecting to see: Moreover, SECURELOAD is set to "0" and my lisp is like below: (defun C:DoTheseSteps() (setvar "tilemode" 1) (setvar "PLINEWID" 0) (setvar "SNAPUNIT" '(1.25 1.25)) (command "._ZOOM" "Extents") ) (c:DoTheseSteps) snapshot from command prompt: Any idea why 'ZOOM EXTENTS' is not working?
  7. Hi all I have just updated to AutoCAD 2014 and have started getting an error with the layer state manager. When restoring some layer states it returns the error "The selected layer state could not be restored", with no further explanation. I can restore the same layer state in 2013. has anyone had this same error ?? Any ideas on the fix. Cheers All. Draftsmansam
  8. Hi, i'm italiann i'm sorry for my bad english: i'll try to explain my question better i can i wish to migrate all default icons of AutoCAD2007 to AutoCAD2014: i' ll wish to overwrrite default icons of 2014 with icons 2007 is it possible?> i know that i can do this with cui save every icon in a bmp file and sustitute every icon of 2014 with bmp file of 2007.... but i think it s so boring to do... does it exist any faster mode? thanks in advance for answers P.S. i tried to export in a cui file all default toolbar of 2007: ii opened it in 2014... but icons are 2014 default!!!! same file cui opened in 2007 and 2014 has different icons images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi everyone, I have experience making 3D models in Vectorworks but have never used 3D in AutoCAD. I am using 2014 version. I understand the principle of UCS and the idea behind it but am really struggling to use it. Currently I am trying to use two viewports, one in top view and one in front view. I am trying to use the two to ensure I am placing objects in the correct place in relation to everything else. However...how comes when I move something up or down in front view it moves completely out of position in top view? surely if i'm moving the object up or down it should not effect the position of anything in top view? Many Thanks
  10. Graeme

    2014 LT Issues!

    Just discovered 2014LT will not operate under Vista OS. XP -yes, W7-yes, but NOT Vista. That has, shell we say, left me rather annoyed!
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