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Layer palette size/location


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User is running AutoCAD 2017. Every so often after closing AutoCAD, and restarting it, the layer palette positions itself as shown in the screenshot with no user interaction. Even more bizarre, user was just given a NEW PC with a fresh install, and no "migration" was done. This still happens on new PC occasionally.


Any thoughts?


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Never seen this, at least it was still on the screen!  Could the workspace have been modified or switched causing this?  As a fix I'd go into Workspace Settings… and change "When Switching Workspaces" to "Automatically save workspace changes", adjust the Layers Palette, switch workspace, switch back, and then change "When Switching Workspaces" back to "Do not save changes to workspace".


As long as "When Switching Workspaces" is set to "Do not save changes to workspace" moving the Layers Palette, switching to another palette and back should put the Palette back where it belonged.


When editing a Workspace in the CUI it works best if you make sure it isn't current first.


If you find out what's causing this let us know.

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There is a thought this may be a side effect of the user running AutoCAD on the non-primary (Right) monitor, instead of the primary (Left) monitor.

He also has 3 or 4 palettes (including Layer) docked on the right side of the application, which may have something to do with it. (Layer is the only one that pops out like this though)

No confirmation yet however, need to test it more.

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