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All workstations the same DWG to PDF plot settings

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Hi guys,


This one has been giving me some headache. Could anyone of you point me into the right direction, I'd be most thankful.


Software used: ZWCAD2014 on a Windows 10 machines. For those who may not know about ZWCAD: it is an actual and legal clone of AutoCAD 2012 official purchased at dealer store, the software is created by ZWSOFT. Just think of it as AutoCAD 2012, it makes understanding easier :-).


  • In our company we have 8 workstation using the same ZWCAD program
  • We only plot / publish from the layout tabs
  • We all use DWG to PDF as it came with the software
  • The created PDF's are send by email or they get plotted on our printer/plotter for internal use


So far so good... but the problem is when I create an A3 (for example but it is the same on any paper size) it plots normal to a good looking PDF. If the same DWG is opened by one of my collegues, the plot gets cropped off, there are parts missing. I have attached the example output.


I know fore sure some of us (me including) have tried to change the plottable area ages ago, reason for that was that the "default DWG to PDF" had way to big of a non printable area. To be in short: my DWG plots good on my workstation, and my collegues DWG plot okay on his workstation. But between all of the workstation it all gets messed up. We cannot plot each others drawings to PDF without having problems with the plottable area.


I thought, let me check all the settings in the driver (see attachement) and I have put them all the same on another workstation. It did not change at all.

At last I tried copying my PC5 file to the collegues.... still nothing changes.


Now I can only think of a complete "re-install" of the software in order to get them working the same all the same once again.


Before uninstalling and reinstalling the ZWCAD program and it's utilities, I'd thought maybe I'd ask here if someone could help me out.

Thanks for the help!





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I plotted A3 and found Window Centre was the best for 100% every time, 8 users. Using "layout" would give odd results. We had little markers on the top bot corners.

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On 2/5/2020 at 1:49 AM, BIGAL said:

I plotted A3 and found Window Centre was the best for 100% every time, 8 users. Using "layout" would give odd results. We had little markers on the top bot corners.


Thanks for the response, but no matter how or what we try, none of the workstation do the same with the published layout. Considering the low respone I guess there is little experiencie with such issue. So most likely I will reinstall the software in order to get the workstations running all the same settings, whatever that may be. As long as the workstations plot the same.


Thanks again and have a nice weekend 🙂

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Ok this is the heart that does the plot, as a test copy to notepad and change a couple of things, it is set to an A1 window with a title block at 0,0 it was a kick up the bum rule if not at 0,0 

The window pick is -6,-6 &  "807,560"  and scale set to "1=2" which makes a A3 size with centred plot.

Change the Acad.ctb to your pen table

Pdfname is where you want the pdf to go to so can be just a name  or a location plus name "c:\\acadtemp\\test"


(COMMAND "-PLOT"  "Y"  "" "DWG To PDF" "Iso full bleed A3 (420.00 x 297.00 MM)" "m" "LANDSCAPE"  "N"   "W"  "-6,-6" "807,560" "1=2"  "C" "y" "Acad.ctb" "Y" "n" "n" "n" pdfName "N" "y" )

Once you make the changes you can copy the 1 line and paste to command line and it will run producing the pdf. Again had 8 staff just pick off menu and all done multiple sheets worked every time.

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