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I Have lisp for placing slope and arrow with polyline 

and i want enhance this to what i need mention in my drawing file..so i have attached lisp & sample drawing file .

and also want to enhance lisp for select all polyline at once, currently lisp select on object at once.



Slope.lsp SLOPE SAMPLE.dwg

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Have a look at this, yes it does 1 at a time now but could be changed pretty easy to do all pline sections. Needs multi getvals takes into account hor and ver scales.Multi GETVALS.lsp


; xfall as a percentage 
; Modified to work with plines 
; By Alan H July 2017
;(defun trap (errmsg)
;  (prompt "\nAn error has occured.")
;  (command "undo" "b")
;  (setvar "osmode" os)
;  (setq *error* temperr)
(defun rtd (a)(/ (*  a 180.0) pi))

; cross fall as a percentage 
; modified to recognise a pline
; By Alan H July 2017
(defun c:xfallper ( / pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 ans pr pt1x pt1y pt2x pt2 ans) 
(setvar "cmdecho" 0)
(setq os (getvar "osmode"))
(setvar "osmode" 0)
(if (= horiz nil)
(if (not AH:getvalsm)(load "Multi getvals"))
(setq ans (ah:getvalsm (list "Xfall per by %" "Enter Horizontal scale " 5 4 "100" "Enter Vertical scale" 5 4 "50" "Enter number of decimal places" 5 4 "2")))
(setq horiz (atof (nth 0 ans)))
(setq vert (atof (nth 1 ans)))
(setq prec (atoi (nth 2 ans)))
(alert "Pick lines or plines")
(while (setq s (entsel "Select line pick nothing to exit"))
(setq objname (cdr (assoc 0 (entget (car s)))))
(if (=  objname  "LWPOLYLINE")
(setq pr (vlax-curve-getparamatpoint (car s) (setq p (vlax-curve-getclosestpointto (car s) (cadr s)))))
(setq pt1 (vlax-curve-getpointatparam (car s) (fix pr)))
(setq pt2 (vlax-curve-getpointatparam (car s) (1+ (fix pr))))
(setq found "Y")
(if (=  objname  "LINE")
(setq pt1 (cdr (assoc 10 (entget (car s)))))
(setq pt2 (cdr (assoc 11 (entget (car s)))))
(setq found "Y")
(if (= Found nil)
(alert "Do again object has no slope")
(setq pt1x (car pt1))
(setq pt1y (cadr pt1))
(setq pt2x (car pt2))
(setq pt2y (cadr pt2))
(setq ydist (abs (- pt1y pt2y)))
(setq xdist (abs (- pt1x pt2x)))
(setq xfall (strcat (rtos  (* (/ (* ydist vert) (* xdist horiz)) 100) 2 prec) "%") )
(setq ang (angle pt1 pt2))
(setq dist (distance pt1 pt2))
(if (> dist 0)
(setq halfdist (/ dist 2))
(setq pt3 (polar pt1 ang halfdist))
(if (> ang pi) (setq ang (- ang pi)))
(if (> ang (/ pi 2)) (setq pt4ang (- ang (/ pi 2))) (setq pt4ang (+ ang (/ pi 2))))
(setq pt4 (polar pt3 pt4ang 0.75))
(if (> ang (/ pi 2)) (setq ang (+ ang pi)))

(setq cursty (getvar 'textstyle))
(setq tsty (vla-get-textstyles (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))))
(vlax-for ent tsty
(if (= (vla-get-name ent) cursty)
(setq txtht (vla-get-height ent))

(if (= txtht 0.0)
(command "TEXT" pt4 2.5 ang xfall)
(command "TEXT" pt4 ang xfall )

(setq s nil)
;  (setvar "DIMZIN" dimz)
(setvar "cmdecho" 1)
(setvar "osmode" os)
;  (setq *error* temperr)
(SETVAR "LUNITS" lunitss)
(SETVAR "ANGBASE" angbasee)
(SETVAR "ANGDIR" angdirr)
(SETVAR "LUPREC" luprecc)
(SETVAR "AUNITS" aunitss)
(SETVAR "AUPREC" auprecc)

) ;defun


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5 hours ago, bilalntk1 said:


thanks for this lisp. is there any way to change the precision to 3 numbers instead of 2?

Change this:
(rtos z 2 2)

to this:

(rtos z 2 3)

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