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How to change block attribute layer


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I'm searching to make a LISP, to change the layer of an attribute.
Actually it in "TopoAlt" Layer, I like to change in "0" layer (or other)


I thinked about  DXF code but i don't find it with dumpallproperties.

"Battman" command would be a good solution but I can't make script

"-eattedit" command is pretty close but I'm stopped when It need " attribute selection".


If i could scripting "-eattedit" with an automatic attribute selection (like an already made SSGET), I could change the layer, or other properties !



Any Idea ?

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Did anyone ever respond to you question?


I am trying do a similar operation, I have a lisp routine which convers a polyline into a block with 3 attributes, SpaceID, Area, and BlockHandle which are all on one layer for the blocks and attibutes.


The routine works fine, but I now need to change the layer of both SpaceID and Area on to two different layers called Spaces and SAreas. I can work out how to change just the layer of the attributes. I know it can be done as I can do it via selecting block and changing layer manually. I am just looking for a bit of lisp which will change the layer of the attributes after block is created


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