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Projecting generated sections to lines


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Hello fellow Autocad users,


I've recently recieved a messy 3d model (consisting of various geometry types) in order to draw section plans from them. First I tried to generate a floorplan with Autocads "Generate Section/Elevation" tool, thus recieving the projection as intelligent object. In order to draw the plans cleanly from the messy projection I want to transform the projection into a linegrafic, but I can't find a way to edit the projections without crashing Autocad. I also can't use flatshot since the projection is not a Brep. Is there any way to transform the projection into a line grafik, or another alternative to generate cross sections?


I've attached an image to depict the problem (I use a german version of AutoCad architecture 2020).

Thank you in advance!

Autocad problem.png

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I'm not familiar with the tools available in Autocad Architecture, but in plain Autocad, you can use the VIEWBASE command to generate views and sections. I know you said it's a messy model though, with various geometry types, so that may present problems no matter what method you use to create sections.

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33 minutes ago, f700es said:

Um, 'Viewbase' command runs in Acad Arch 2021 for me.


Yep, you're right. I guess I should have double checked. :oops: The Autodesk Knowledge Network say that it is available in Autocad Architecture. But it also says it's only available on 64 bit systems. Maybe the OP is running it on a 32 bit system?


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Im sorry for the late response.

Since last time I've posted, I circumvented the problem by importing lineworksections from Rhino instead. 


1 hour ago, f700es said:

Also can't you just explode your live section to make it just lineowrk?


I've tried this at first, but exploding the sections just caused my AutoCad to crash unfortunately.

I also opened a file explorer when using "viewbase".


Thank you all for continuing this discussion. 







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Hmm, something going on then. I was able to explode the Live Elevation I made in my test drawing. Can you copy this elevation from your active drawing (ctrl-c), save your drawing and close it. Open a new blank drawing and paste in your elevation and then try to explode?

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