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Lee Mac
I don't see that there was anything said that should offend anyone. I think this was a very interesting discussion. And it proved what someone said' date=' we're all adults here, and this was a discussion, not an argument. I found it very refreshing.[/quote']


I would second that - it just shows that what one person thinks is a good idea, can be considered treacherous to others :thumbsup:


In my opinion, I don't think anything offensive was posted, just individual ideas and opinions - as the above says, nothing to apologise for - if everyone went on in life accepting things for how they were, the human race would not be where it is now. :thumbsup:


Just adding my 0.02$ :)



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ideas are just ideas until they are fully explored, and all the facets examined


nobody can fully see all facets without input from others, which is what has happened here


with a smaller forum, and disciplined posting, it may be possible to implement such a system, but with a forum this size there are many obstacles to the smooth running of this scheme


this is a progressive forum though, and David has implemented many suggestions in the past - after thorough discussion :wink:

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This thread exemplifies why a points system would fail. All I originally suggested was to have a recognition for the single best reply, partially derived from the OP expressing how beneficial the reply was.




Everything is worth trying, especially, when your intentions are in the right place, as are yours. I look forward to your future suggestions. You're not responsible for subjective interpretations of your comments.


best wishes,



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