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    Quote Originally Posted by mikep View Post
    ok first off. I asked a question about how to prevent it from saving during a command. If your suggesting me to turn it off, then obviously you do not know how to read or just like wasting my time. I clearly said in my first post that i do not want to turn it off. (i revised it make it even more obvious) i like to have it on. It has saved my ass a number of times. I have a butt load of ram and a very good processor and video card and it rarely crashes. I only mentioned crashes because it does happen but not often enough to concern me. Im just annoyed that im in the middle of doing something and it locks up and starts to save. The fact that i save to a server further slows down the save process. If your computer isnt powerful enough to handle an autosave then by all means turn it off. But mine can handle it just fine. Its just an annoyance to me.

    Obviously the answer is........ it is not possible.

    thread closed
    and you have recieved that answer first both times you have asked.

    The admin or a moderator will determine when/if to close a thread.
    Why did you not remove your threat, since you had time to alter your original question?

    Quote Originally Posted by rkent View Post
    Manually saving will reset the timer, so set the auto save time to 10 and hit qsave every 9 minutes or more often. I qsave often and especially before rendering, plotting, switching to another drawing. I never see the auto save but I still have it set just in case I forget that one time in three months to save often enough and the program crashes.
    Proves my point, autosave is not saving behinds as often as many think. Why do you think most programs do not have an autosave?

    I have seen crashes corrupt the autosaves, so whether you use it or not SAVE is the only sure way to SAVE your work.

    P.S. the first proclaimation from the OP was MAKE IT STOP! The correct answer to that is TURN IT OFF!
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    Embarrassed AutoSave OFF Task Scheduler ON

    Set up a message/task in Windows Task Scheduler to run at your desired time...
    I set one up to start at 7:00 and alert me every 15 minutes:
    e.g. short message: Time to save DWG
    You can set it reset to your particular situation.
    Also set Autosave in AutoCAD every 30 minutes just for fun...
    If your job is set to work all day in the CAD environment it's not bad
    Not a fix all but it's something. Somewhat annoying but so is when someone expels noxious gas
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevedrew View Post
    Somewhat annoying but so is when someone expels noxious gas
    or resurrects a six year old thread.
    Drafting is a breeze.

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