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Found 9 results

  1. Hey folks! Looking to confirm or debunk some assumptions I've developed after creating and testing multiple iterations of different block tool palettes. From what I've seen, user-created block tool palettes will either be fully functional (~3 seconds from clicking on the icon to insertion in the drawing) or prohibitively slow (~45s) depending on how they were created. Method 1: If the blocks are added to the palette from any old drawing (either by dragging and dropping from model space or from the design center), pulling them back out of the palette takes a million years. Method 2: If the blocks in the source file are WBlocked out (resulting in many blocks in one WBlocked dwg) and then added to the palette from that single WBlocked dwg (which will never get opened and altered without WBlocking again) via the design center, then the palette moves quickly. I guess this improvement in speed is from the "shrinkwrapping"/purging/fat trimming that happens when you WBlock. From what I can tell, it seems that ACAD's native palettes are created along these lines. I'm fine with using method 2 to make my palettes, but I first wanted to double check that method 1 isn't viable. In videos like this they seem to use method 1 just fine with no significant lag. So, have I just overlooked some process/setting that would make method 1 work without the lag? More info: I am on a network, but I've tested everything on my local drive and the results seem to be the same, so I'm doubtful that the lag is network-related. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks! Also: I have a small sample tool palette created using the different methods in case anyone wants to test it on their machine. Just lemme know.
  2. yjagoman

    Major lag

    I'm a draftsman at an electrical engineering office and I have a project that should be relatively simple, but a file we are suppose to use as a base in the drawing is very large. Originally, it was 6.4 MB but i got it down to 5.4 MB with a bit of tweaking and a Purge. Still, when I go to paper space, the cursor lags horribly. I know its not my computer. I'm running Windows 7 with a core7 processor with more than enough ram. Are there any commands or ways to reduce lag?
  3. Had this problem for a while now, however, I have managed to solve it so thought I would share it. Not sure if it is a common issue and I currently use AutoCAD 2012. As the thread title suggests, sometimes after exiting the block editor, my drawing begins to 'lag'. It becomes very choppy when panning or using the mousewheel zoom and commands take a little longer than usual to respond. For me, all I have to do is a zoom extents and it's fixed, no idea how or why. Hope this may help others in the future
  4. Hi I have been having this issue with several versions of Autocad. At some point the application will start showing a lagging behavior when entering and existing commands. It completely blows my concentration and the productive flow away. I have researched quite a lot on the net, and tried all the usual suspects: Disabling all CPU consuming features (cycle, dynamic inputs, properties palette, visual effects, etc). I have de-activated all the 3d performance settings. Disable "enable desktop composition" in Windows. All my graphic drivers are up to date. But nothing seems to work and the frustration start to be quite annoying. Anyone managed to find a solution for this? Your help will be super appreciated! I am running AutocadCAD 2013 in W7 (64bits) Ras
  5. I’m using Autocad Architecture 2011 – I created a sheet that has multiple viewports (elevations). It randomly started yesterday with a few quirks: viewport scaling would lag, dimensions and adjusting grips lagged. By the end of the day it was out of control. Dimensions would take a couple minutes thinking, viewports would freeze for minutes on end before finally catching up, etc. Most of the time the title bar displays “(not responding)”, but if I wait it out it catches up. This morning it took almost 9 minutes to plot. So thinking I could fix it, I created a new page for the xref and a new page for the xref’ed elevations to go on. Still not fixed. I just rebooted and it took minutes to load the drawing. Any ideas??
  6. (AutoCAD LT 2013) If I draw a lengthy line across the screen, whatever scale I am drawing, the cursor seems to jump a few inches even when I am trying to be extra smooth with the mouse, I have updated my graphics card recently and no real change, what else can I do? Cheers, Lloyd
  7. I have dual monitors . today i tried maximized space on main monitor by placing command line on 2nd screen . Strangely when i do that , autocad is slowed down . any command has a lag of about a second . i usually have adcenter and toolpalettes on 2nd monitor with no problem . any idea why this happens ?
  8. My machine specs core i7 having a core i7 one would think it would be lag free and so and so but it wasnt until a week ago where i decided to dive into the problem anyway i know ive posted this before but... 1st: copied acad directory to c:\programfiles(x86) maybe it did, maybe it didnt, 2nd: switched windows from using more resources towards programs to background services 3rd: i switched eveything on in the 3d config menu and tesselations to cache to 10, hardware acceleration, on 4th that is all autocad works just as great as it did on previous machine which had a core 2 duo rated at 2ghz with 4gb of ram ehh im autocad problem free ahh 1 more thing it has nothing to do with what i did, but i used to do this to solve the problem i logged into another account then switched users and logged into the account in which i planned to run autocad on without logging of the other account, it worked too
  9. bobsy852

    Slow "laggy" viewports

    Recently when setting up my layouts and adding the viewports etc I've found them very slow and difficult to work with on the layouts. They're not too bad to insert, but when I come to edit their size or move them to a new location on the layout they become very slow to use! Everything else on the layout is fine to use, quick as normal, and changing anything in the model space is quick as normal. It's just anything to do with re-arranging or editing the viewports themseleves that has become very slow (best way to describe it would be lag I suppose) lol. Have I changed something without realising which is making them slow? Im using AutoCAD LT and if you look at my computer specs, it's the work computer I'm having this issue on, not my home one. Thanks everyone
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