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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have created a palette with several predefined blocks. However, I would like to use the same block for several icons, by filling in specif attributes with different values. Eg: Palette Icon1-> BlockName: Block X, Attribute1: A Icon2-> BlockName: Block X, Attribute1: B Icon3-> BlockName: Block X, Attribute1: C By having a look at the .xtp file I see the following tags regarding each icon of the palette: I would like to know how can I set the Attribute1 value within the xtp file for each icon. Thanks in advance! Cheers
  2. adamsdr3

    Shared Tool Pallette

    Hi all, I have a tool palette I've created using dynamic blocks all saved on a shared server. I have all of the blocks inserted on a source file. I copy and paste them into the tool palette and it all works great. When I open up the palette the next day, it is empty and none of the blocks are there. Any ideas?
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new here, at least as a poster. I've found tons of great info here on the forum, but not one that that quite deals with my issue. I'm the newly-elected CAD Customization Committee Head and I'm trying to get my Tool Palettes to work over our network. The palettes I've created over the past month work on my station but don't show up on the other users' stations. In a last ditch effort, I exported the problem palettes to my desktop (as .xtp files), then attempted to import them back to my tool palettes. I thought this would force AutoCAD to write .atc files that would actually work. It didn't. AutoCAD created the .atc files, they're in the proper folder on the network but they don't show up in anyone's Tool Palettes, except mine! I can exit and restart and the palettes are there. The other users on the network can not see them at all. So--out of our 5 custom palettes--the 3 created in September work, but the 2 created in October do not. Is there anything I can do to save my tool palettes? or do I need to start over? Also having that strange problem where when I create a new palette, ACAD won't let drop any tools on it. Maybe this has something to do with my problem. (Forum will not let me attach the atcs, else I would.)
  4. Hello everyone, I've always layout my floor plans three dimensionally with the tools pallets commands such as walls, rails, door, windows & ect. I always have my walls pre-hatched with the solid pattern which is really effective to the floor plan. Normally when I put windows in the wall the window is clearly shown without the hatch in the wall but for some reason my wall's hatch started covering the windows and I can't seem to solve this problem.
  5. I am new to using Tool Palettes. I have created a folder on my C: drive which contains all my tool palettes. Right now, I get the symbol of a circle with a line drawn through it and cannot use my tool palettes. In the Options tab, I noticed that there are the "Tool Palettes File Locations" and also "Authoring Palette File Locations". What is the difference between the two? Do I need to do something to both so I can use my tool palettes without difficulty? I would really appreciate your help.
  6. Hi everybody, After a fruitless search for the answer to my question on the forums, I realized I should ask it myself... I am trying to create a custom palette with symbols that I use in day-to-day work. Ideally, I'd like to add a tilde, rotated 90 degrees and with a specified line thickness, in a few different colors, into a custom palette. Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve me making a tilde-shaped pline and filling it in? When I click and drag the tilde to my custom tool palette it appears as a link for DText. Although it isn't much of a hassle to emulate a tilde shape, I'd like to know if it's possible in general. Using AutoCAD LT 2011
  7. Hi All, Using LISP I can set the Tool Palettes File Locations using vla-put-ToolPalettePath but I cannot find a way (without putting the value directly into the Registry) to set the Authoring Palatte File Locations. Is there a way to do this without accessing the registry directly (using vl-registry-write)? Thanks in advance, Colin
  8. sinbad92

    AutoCAD tool palettes

    Anyway so here's the problem: I am struggling to edit the standard set of blocks that comes with AutoCAD such as receptacles junction boxes etc. I want to edit the standard blocks and then save my changes for future use. Right now the blocks come in at different sizes then I would like. I try to edit them in the block editor however the changes I make only apply to the drawing I am currently working on. The changes do not apply across the board on all drawings in all files. Please help me, any and all help would be hugely appreciated! Thank you!
  9. I was able to create palettes manually adding AEC objects from the Design Tool Catalog through the Autodesk Content Browser. Still, the English catalog library doesn’t feature all the AEC objects seen in the German version of Autocad Architecture in Youtube tutorials. Does anybody know the reason for that, or a source to find more design styles for stairs and railings?
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