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Found 3 results

  1. I am attempting to create a list that will place a poly line representing the footprint of a building/floor. With the ultimate aim to represent the gross exterior and gross interior if a floor. I am able with ease place the interior gross polyline but am having difficulties with the exterior as I have to use an xref of the architectural drawing and the boundary function doesn't like all the internal islands so it hangs up CAD. This is only my second attempt at creating a script. Does anyone know of a quicker way? (DEFUN C:EXGR (/) (COMMAND "LAYON") ;;;;TURNS ALL LAYERS ON;;;; (COMMAND "LAYTHW") ;;;;UNFREEZES ALL LAYERS;;; (COMMAND "LAYER" "M" "EX-GROSS" "") ;;;;CREATES A LAYER NAMED IN-GROSS AND MAKES IT CURRENT;;;;;; (COMMAND "LAYER" "OFF" "A-AREA,ARCH|A-ANNO-GRID,A-AREA-IDEN,DEFPOINTS,ARCH|A-FLOR,FURN|A-FURN,FURN|A-FURN-CHAR,FURN|A-FURN-PNLS,FURN|A-FURN-WKST,ARCH|A-EQPM,ARCH|A-MILL" "") ;;;;TURNS OFF ALL NONE ESSENTIAL LAYERS LISTED IN "";;;; (COMMAND "LAYER" "F" "A-AREA,A-AREA-IDEN,ARCH|A-ANNO-GRID,DEFPOINTS,ARCH|A-FLOR,FURN|A-FURN,FURN|A-FURN-CHAR,FURN|A-FURN-PNLS,FURN|A-FURN-WKST,ARCH|A-EQPM,ARCH|A-MILL" "") ;;;;TURNS OFF ALL NONE ESSENTIAL LAYERS LISTED IN "";;;; (SETQ A (GETPOINT "\nENTER FIRST POINT: ")) ;;;;SELECTS THE FIRST RECTANGLE POINT;;;; (SETQ B (GETPOINT "\nENTER SECOND POINT: ")) ;;;;SELECTS THE SECOND RECANGLE POINT;;; (COMMAND "RECTANG" A B "") ;;;;PLACES THE RECTANGLE;;;;; (SETQ E (GETPOINT "\nENTER THIRD POINT: ")) (SETQ f (GETPOINT "\nENTER FOUTH POINT: ")) (COMMAND "PLINE" E F "") (SETQ C (getpoint "\nPick internal point: ")) ;;;;SELECTS THE INTERNAL AREA OF THE RECTANGLE;;;; (command "_.-boundary" C "") ;;;;INITIATES THE BOUNDARY COMMAND;;;;; (COMMAND "LAYER" "OFF" "A-XREF,A-AREA|A-WALL" "") ;;;;SWITCHES OFF SPACE POLYLINES;;;; (setq D (entsel "\nSELECT THE POLY YOU WANT TO DESIGNATE AS THE INTERIOR GROSS: ")) ;;;;SELECTS THE POLYLINE YOU WISH TO DESIGNATE AS THE INTERNAL POLYLINE;;;;; (command "_.chprop" D "" "LA" "DEFPOINTS" "") ;;;CHANGES THE SELECTED POLYLINE TO LAYER DEFPOINTS;;;;;; (COMMAND "CLAYER" "0") ;;;;SETS THE CURRENT LAYER TO 0;;;;; (COMMAND "LAYDEL" "N" "EX-GROSS" "" "Y") ;;;;DELETES ALL ITEMS ON EX-GROSS LAYER;;;;;; (COMMAND "LAYON") (COMMAND "LAYTHW") ;;;;TURNS ON AND FREEZES ALL THE LAYERS;;;;;;; (PRINC) )
  2. Hi...my first post. I am from Nigeria and I guess not many users are from here. I cant seem to find my material Library from the material Library browser. Also any links to architectural animation websites will be useful
  3. I am totally lost! When I zoom close into the drawing the lines are changing their angels…(!) Or they disappear only to pop op again as I zoom out. Also some of them changes from being full lines to being dotted (and it is not dotted lines) when I zoom in close. Also the SNAP function isn’t working very well. I have to zoom in A LOT in order to get it to snap. The snap icon shows all right, but when I zoom in afterwards it shows that it didn’t snap at all to the other line. This happened recently in drawing I have been working with since early spring without problems. Oh and one more thing. In one of my drawings, that are all drawn in 2D, many of the walls and other things suddenly are extended up as if it was 3D. I noticed this only because I was trying to solve my problem described above and I mention it because I think maybe it can be related to my problem. Really hope someone will try and help me cause I’m completely stalled as it is now. I use AutoCAD Architectural 2009 Thank you very much Marcus
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