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Found 7 results

  1. I had Vista crash (go figure) and had to do a restore. I am trying to reinstall AutoCAD civil 3D 2009 (discs are bad and Autodesk does not have any copies as the only support the last three years) from a backup from an external harddrive. I click on the setup.exe file and it begins to initialize and then pops with an error " The copy function cannot be used. Failed to copy the following file: SetupRes to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\… I can see that files have been copied to the folder but not sure why the error message. Can anyone help?
  2. lstarbird

    LDD Lock Issues

    We have a user that has an issue where LDD (2009) objects won’t unlock/close. For instance, if she opens a surface, it shows that its locked by her…but if she right clicks & closes it in Terrain Model Explorer, it still shows that it’s locked by her. Alignments are funky too. If she sets one to be current, it should typically unlock the last alignment…but it doesn’t & leaves behind a .lk# file. If I try the same process with the same files on my computer, it releases the locks just fine. She’s gotten pretty good at working around it by deleting the .lk# file from the LDD project folder…but this is obviously a pain.
  3. I have just been doing some work for a company and they were using AutoCAD 2009. One of my tasks involved stretching and moving items from imported drawings over Architectural layouts. Lines drawn on the x and y axis were fine. However, if I zoomed in on angled lines they moved out of view making them difficult to select or position to a snap point. If I selected those lines then they remained in place when I zoomed in. When I approached the company manager he replied by saying that he would zoom in then zoom out to the point where the lines were correct and in place. I thought that he was either joking or was testing me! It meant I could not do any detailed work - which contradicts the use of Auto CAD. The question has to consider the fact that the lines were angled and that they remained static when selected. When zooming in and selecting them they were off and running out of the screen view. Please also note that my colleague at the next desk opened up the file on V2008 and he could zoom in okay. I was also using a wide screen if this matters. Can anybody help as I am sure someone has come across this problem before?
  4. Hi all this is a basic thing I need a help , my computer can't install Autodesk AutoCAD Map 2009. I tried several times with another Master Instalation of autoCAD 2009 but the result is nothing. it is explain that CAD 2009 is already installed but when I check Control Panel to remove this, it doesn't exist ! I check C:/Program Files, it doesn't exist too I check Services in Administrative tool, it is same I think that somethink missing in the Registry, so I tried to install CCleaner, cleaning unused or invalid registry because I hope it could be clean the registry of CAD 2009, but it doesn't work maybe someone can help me or somethink wrong in my way cheers Anak Kampung Child from Isolated Village
  5. I am totally lost! When I zoom close into the drawing the lines are changing their angels…(!) Or they disappear only to pop op again as I zoom out. Also some of them changes from being full lines to being dotted (and it is not dotted lines) when I zoom in close. Also the SNAP function isn’t working very well. I have to zoom in A LOT in order to get it to snap. The snap icon shows all right, but when I zoom in afterwards it shows that it didn’t snap at all to the other line. This happened recently in drawing I have been working with since early spring without problems. Oh and one more thing. In one of my drawings, that are all drawn in 2D, many of the walls and other things suddenly are extended up as if it was 3D. I noticed this only because I was trying to solve my problem described above and I mention it because I think maybe it can be related to my problem. Really hope someone will try and help me cause I’m completely stalled as it is now. I use AutoCAD Architectural 2009 Thank you very much Marcus
  6. Hello, I am pretty new to LDD and can not figure out how to crate a TIN from design contours. The design contours are polylines. If there is a step by step tutorial on how do do this, that would be great. I have been looking but have not found anything. Thanks for the help!
  7. Basically I am trying to delete some text that is in paper space but it won't let me select it to delete, edit etc. Tried regening and restarting autoCAD no success. Any suggestions? Cheers
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