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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, can anyone help me, I have a case example that is almost similar to the actual case I am experiencing now. In the 1st picture I have a shapefile of the administrative boundaries of the United States that I have entered into autocad, the shp attribute has been entered into the data object of each feature with the data object name "GADM", in the data object there are State and County fields, for the layer of each feature I use the County field reference so that each feature is currently layered with its respective county name. what I want is that as in the 2nd picture I want each feature to be grouped or made per block per category of state, is there a quick way, because I think in each feature there is a State field? Noted: The Autocad that I use is AutocadMap 2021. Pic 1 Pic 2
  2. Hi guys, im looking for a quick way for change the dimension precision in multiple files. I need to change from 0.000 to 0.00 in multiple files. I dont want open each drawing and set the precision to 2 decimal. You know we look for the quick and less bored way of do things. Thanks
  3. Hi all, i've been struggling with my new project to automate my drawings. I hope i can explain well what i want so here goes: I want my dynamic array to NOT show the first object of my array. it sounds weird i know, but the thing is, the array should start showing up after the lenght of the tube passed the 5 meter mark. so if the tube is ony I cheated a bit with a wipeout on the first array object, but that way i still get the object when i DX the drawing. So it's not really wat i want to achieve. I hope you get what i'm trying to achieve and have any idea on how to do this. Thanks in advance, Bob Buis 12 x 10 PVC 16Bar glad.dwg
  4. Check out this new Engineering & CAD automation service. AutoEngr.com. Our services include CAD API programming and parametric modeling services for zero up-front costs. We create custom automation to match you needs, then run it whenever you need to complete the task. It's a hassle free low cost solution to automation. Request a custom service or use an existing off-the-shelf service today!
  5. Hello all, I've tried to get some help with this in the past and haven't been able to achieve what I'm after. I think overcomplicated it before. Can you manipulate a dialog box (proper term may be user interface?) with lisp? I have custom commands that bring up a dialog box with various options that I would like to automate some things. When the box comes up, I can use "SHIFT+TAB" to cycle to the option I want, hit enter to then select an object and hit enter one more time to bring the box back up to change various things. Can lisp do all this? Thanks again, -Nobull
  6. I am attempting to make a modified version of the ATTIN command in order to automate the process; removing user prompts, specifying file import location, and batch processing from a specified directory. But I have run into a wall, and I am very new to LISP (about 3 weeks new now). This is a process I developed for my company to update title-block attribute tags more uniformly, reducing user input error when doing what is sometimes hundreds of drawings. Now that I am finally teaching myself Autolisp I'm trying to take it a step further. Thus far I have eliminated or worked around (defined variables) for all of the user prompts (file location, yes_no box, etc.). I have used found code to write a script to run this lisp on all drawings in a defined directory, as well as modified the single user selection to a global search with an added parameter of "(8 . "TB_LAYER") so that it only looks at blocks with attributes on this layer. This is to avoid the "acet-alert" box when blocks that do not have matching tag names are found, which stops the batch routine, and causing an alert box loop that freezes AutoCAD. The issues I am having trouble pinpointing are that when I run this routine on a single drawing with the correct parameters, it works like a charm. It successfully updates the block with the new information without any input required from the user. However, when the script runs it I get a "No handle found" return that doesn't end the script, but doesn't successfully rewrite the attributes. I'm at a loss because the script simply opens the drawing, runs the command individually, saves, and closes the drawings. So I can't understand why it doesn't work the same way as if i ran it on a per drawing basis. Any help would be appreciated, as i said before i am very new to lisp coding, so it may be plain as day to some of you. Please be gentle attimport.lsp
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking for applications that help automate the process of obtaining bills of materials from MicroStation. Ideally, the process should be (1) finish creating the DGN file, (2) press button, (3) obtain BOM. I have read about FlexiTable and AutoXIs Table, but don't know much about others. Please help me find out which is the best way to complete this task with optimum time saving. Cheers
  8. I want to draw many circles with "3P" options. Every time I have to hit the space bar for repetition and select the option. A couple of weeks a go I read a post here in CT which taught how to automate this part of commands. I don't know how to find it. Will be happy if somebody guide me how to find it
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