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Found 9 results

  1. I re-opened a dgn I haven't touched in months and when I started looking at the text all of the labels/text changed their style to 'Fancy'. I opened up other dgn's from different projects and every single one is 'Fancy' text. I recently updated Microstation (update 15) but not sure if this has anything to do with it. Is there anyway to revert these text changes?
  2. Hi all, I've been put in charge of a project to convert roughly 1000 microstation files to autocad. I've googled, but nothing exactly fits the bill. I can put together a lisp routine to do the heavy lifting, but I'm SURE there will be hiccups along the way. The microstation files are circa 2006, so about 9 years old... Any tips or tricks you guys willing to share? I'm doing a quick write up for my boss and we'll probably refine the process a little bit. I feel like I'm a drafter being made into a project manager...kind of exciting Thanks,
  3. So...I am an AutoCAD guy, but we have a huge project coming up at work and we have to use Microstation so I'm trying to learn. I was playing around with the program and pushing random buttons to see what they did (i know, probably not the greatest idea ever...) and somehow made the "presentation" group of the view attributes panel disappear. Also, I saved the settings without knowing that I had messed up my view attributes panel. Now, the only group that shows up in the view attributes panel is "view setup". For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get it back! Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Hey everyone, I have recently come across a new issue I'm having with my Civil 3D 2013 when converting my DWGs to DGNs. It seems that if a DWG is saved in 2013 and then converted to DGN using Microstation V8i (or exporting from CAD) any complex linestyles come into the DGN with "?"'s where the linestyle should be showing up. Army Corps of Engineers standard TREEL (tree line) or DUCT (duct bank) linetypes for example. I have tried reloading the linestyles in Microstation and then updating the drawings but nothing has worked. Luckily, I still had 2012 Civil 3D on my workstation, so I went back and saved the files using 2012 and then converted them and voila everything looked great. Has anyone come across this issue yet and found a workaround? Any ideas on what I can do to fix this issue?
  5. Hello, I've recently started working with a colleague who uses Microstation. Since importing .dgn files into AutoCAD, my list of hatches seems to have increased exponentially, with many of the new hatches being similar in appearance and having names prefixed '_dgn'. I'm now finding that scrolling through the list causes my computer to crash. Even when starting a new drawing, these hatches are on the list, and the purge command does not have 'hatches' on the list. Does anybody know how I can manage these hatches? Much appreciated.
  6. priyamudanprabu

    mirostation interview help

    am working in autocad , tomorrow i have an interview ,but its based on microstation. i know little bit microstation .can any one help me that what kind of questions they will ask in interview?
  7. This may be a bit complex, so please bear with me. We are a water utility and have thousands of detail drawings of service taps and hydrant connections (maybe 11,000 total). These are in the old Microstation J format. Each drawing is divided into a top half and bottom half. The bottom half of the drawing is the actual drawing portion. The top half of the drawing is text that comes out of an Old Oracle database, into Microsoft Word 2000 through mail merge then is copied and pasted into the top portion of the card. Newer drawings done like this and opened in AutoCAD have the top portion identified as an OLE object (embedded object), while the older drawings just look like a drawing in the top. I'm looking to update the system to ArcGIS and AutoCAD. The data will be moved to a Microsoft Access database (probably later SQL Server), and I want to convert all the old Microstation drawings into an AutoCAD format. ArcGIS will provide the basemap and be linked to the database, with clickable hyperlinks to open the AutoCAD drawings. I would like to be able to keep the bottom drawing half while changing the top half of each drawing to reflect updated data in the database. If this can be automatically updated, that would be awesome. So, I'm looking for a couple things: One is the best program to automatically bulk convert the drawings from Microstation J to AutoCAD (I have 2011). Also, I'm looking for a method to display the text from the database in the top portion of the card using either mail merge with AutoCAD or some automatic method of pulling the info out of the database. Can I just copy-paste this info into AutoCAD as we did with Microstation or is there a better way? Thanks, Nick McNamara GIS Coordinator South Norwalk Electric & Water Norwalk, CT
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking for applications that help automate the process of obtaining bills of materials from MicroStation. Ideally, the process should be (1) finish creating the DGN file, (2) press button, (3) obtain BOM. I have read about FlexiTable and AutoXIs Table, but don't know much about others. Please help me find out which is the best way to complete this task with optimum time saving. Cheers
  9. Hello, I have a very old version of Microstation SE for Windows NT, but now I need to install software on a server with Windows 2008. The installation goes smoothly, but when running Microstation an error occurs and it does not work. The error is: MDL abort in DITEMS Unable to start ditems.ma. Despite being old, this Microstation is not compatible with Windows 2008? Grateful for the help!
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