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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am going through our company Lisp library to clean things up and rework old lisp's (as far as I can fix them with my basic knowledge of lisp's). For the following I have reworked the following HATCH Lisp How the routine looked before I got to rework on it: (defun c:HRST ( ) (command "layer" "t" "LAYERNAME" "on" "LAYERNAME" "m" "LAYERNAME" "c" "COLOR" "" "") (setvar "hpname" "ANSI37") (setvar "hpang" 0) (setvar "hpscale" (/ dsc 1.0)) (setvar "hpspace" (/ dsc 1.0)) (setvar "hpcolor" "bylayer") (command "hatch") );END DEFUN hrst BTW. none of this code got past the 1ste setvar (hpname),giving message: OsMode Rejected: status nill Reformed to something to do with our layer structure of our template, [after I worked on it a bit]: I stopped after number 2 because I noticed the transparency not resetting, other numbers will still be defined (defun c:HRST ( / ds lfac fac hsc http htrns hcs hspc ) (setq ds (getvar "dimscale")) (setq lfac (getvar "dimlfac")) (if (= lfac 0.1)(setq fac ds)) (if (= lfac 1)(setq fac (/ ds 1000.0))) (setq http (getstring T "\n Give type of hatch/solid: 1=restverontreiniging, 2=GA-VDVA-hatch, 3=GA-VDVA-solid, 4=GA-GW-hatch, 5=GA-GW-solid: ")) (if (= http "1") (progn (command "layer" "n" "restverontreiniging-D25S" "m" "restverontreiniging-D25S" "c" "214" "" "") (command "hpname" "ANSI37") (command "hpang" 0) (command "hpcolor" "bylayer") <--- this lead me to believe that transparancy could also be given this input "ByLayer" (setq htrns (getstring T "\n Give transparency (default ByLayer) [0-90]: ")) (command "cetransparency" htrns) <---- had to use cetransparency instead of hptransparency, because hptransparency would not set the transparency at all (setq hsc (* fac 1.0)) (command "hpscale" hsc) (setq hspc (* fac 1.0)) (command "hpspace" hpsc) (command "hatch" "" "" "") );end progn );end if (if (= http "2") (progn (command "layer" "t" "GR-GA-D15A" "o" "GR-GA-D15A" "m" "GR-GA-D15A" "c" "t" "210,174,163" "" "") (command "hpname" "ANSI32") (command "hpang" 0) (command "hpcolor" "bylayer") <--- this lead me to believe that transparancy could also be given this input "ByLayer" (setq htrns (getstring T "\n Give transparency (default ByLayer) [0-90]: ")) (command "cetransparency" htrns) <---- had to use cetransparency instead of hptransparency, because hptransparency would not set the transparency at all (setq hsc (* fac 1.0)) (command "hpscale" hsc) (setq hspc (* fac 1.0)) (command "hpspace" hpsc) (command "hatch" "" "" "") );end progn );end if );END DEFUN hrst But when testing I notice that my transparency for new hatches/lines/circles/.... is also set to 25 transparency after this routine. I tried fixing this with wirting a line before the );END DEFUN for resetting: - (command "cetransparency" "0") <---- not the best sollution as this does not set it back to "ByLayer" - (command "cetransparency" "bylayer") - (command "cetransparency" "byl") - (setvar "cetransparency" "0") <---- not the best sollution as this does not set it back to "ByLayer" - (setvar "cetransparency" "bylayer") - (setvar "cetransparency" "byl") I can go through the routine and it does everything I've set up to do so, except keeping the cetransparency the value given in the routine. Rather than resetting it to the default ByLayer But after looking through forums a lot of questions for BLOCKS hatch edits but not about single hatch transaprency variabels. Could someone help me out and also explain what I am doing wrong if possible for learning more about the process. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, I'm new to both AutoCad (actually Map 3D) and AutoLisp. I need to create a plugin which creates the bounding boxes for all text objects, and write these bounding boxes to a layer named after a specific scheme, like OriginalLayerName_BoundingBox. So for an example, when a text object is on layer "rooms" the boundary should be created and stored on rooms_BoundingBox. I'd be very grateful if you could share your LISP expertise with me. I've tried to step into Lisp and AutoCad for a few hours now already, but this task seems a bit too challenging for a "hello world". Below is the basic script that I have working. It doesn't do more than create bounding boxes which are selected manually, using some fixed arguments to TCIRCLE as I need. (defun c:MyBounds ( / ss) (if (not bns_tcircle) (load "acettxt.lsp")) (if (setq ss (ssget '((0 . "TEXT,MTEXT,ATTDEF")))) (bns_tcircle ss "Variable" "Rectangles" "" 0.35) ) (princ) ) My attempts to reflect the functionality above resulted so far just in spagehtti code. It would be great if you could edit my script for what I need, but even greater if you could also explain it to me.
  3. Hi, I'm attaching data to objects (adeattachdata) and I'm unable to get the table option to open in a new window. I tried fieldia and the value is already set to 1. I'm using Map 3D 2012 if that helps.
  4. frenkas

    Acad Map 3d - Object data - tables

    Hi, I have some drawings, where i see tables object data tables. After clicking map->object data->define object data I see several tables created with interesting fields, which may contain useful information. However as I am not familiar with Acad map I can't view this data. Can anybody tell me how can I view this table data or at least give me a clue so I can begin digging in the right path.
  5. barefootbob

    Manipulating a SHP

    I have received one (1) large SHP file that has all of the individual municipal/village boundaries for a larger city. I guess the same question would apply to isolating certain rivers or streams from a SHP file that contains all in the state. Is there any way I can extract or change these shape areas separately? The style editor unfortunately seems to only make change the entire SHP file when I make changes to the color fill, outline, etc. In summation, I would like to make individual SHP files of an original that has multiple boundaries. Thanks in advance. Bob
  6. hey guys, I have map 3d 2010. when i was trained on this software i used the default ribbon based work space. our boss had someone come in to the office and standardize everyones workspace, which is great, as long as i'm just doing drafting. the new way it is set up is similar to AutoCad classic. but when it comes time for me to do any sort of GIS work, i can no longer get back to the ribbon based workspace. i CAN get the ribbon to come back, but when i do, it is empty. it says "the ribbon does not currently have any tabs or panels loaded." how can i get my default ribbon workspace back, without losing our, company standard, drafting workspace? i realize i need to set up a new workspace, i just have no idea how to go about getting all of the ribbon tools i'm used to. (default) any ideas?
  7. Alistair


    Hello, I'm using Map 3d 2012 and trying to insert a shortcut icon(panel) into the INSERT tab on the UI Ribbon for the _MAPIMPORT function. I can't find the function in the list of commands, but the function is available if I type it into the command bar. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Many thanks for any help.
  8. Hi, im working on a project for university and it involves using .shp files, which i've imported fine, however the problem is that when i draw a line or polyline then save the file, close the program, reopen the file, the polyline appears for a split second while opening but then it disappears once the shape file loads. the polyline is on an active layer and i cant find it even when i untick the shape file in the task pane box so that there is nothing else in the drawing window. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. cbuckner

    Help for Map 3D

    Does anyone know where i can get help in figuring out all the details and how to use AutoCad Map 3D? I understand for the most part all of the basics for regular AutoCad, but there is alot of stuff that is very different in this version that i have no idea how to use. Tutorials or anything?
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