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Found 12 results

  1. I have never used solidworks before i have more experience with Autocad and little inventor, i am planning to start taking some solidworks class during spring at community college. Can someone recommend me if there any good site for solidworks beginner like me? i do know youtube will have some but i try to look for more sources for learning new thing. I am looking something like "mycadsite" it's very helpful for learning CAD but don't know if anything for solidworks? any good Solidworks books?, CD tutorial that i can buy? any suggestion will be very much appreciated. Note: CAD Tutor si
  2. Nobull84

    Screen Recording Software

    Not really too related to CAD but some may have some input for this question: Does anyone know of any GOOD screen recording software that happens to also be free? (I know those two don't usually mix; good and free) I currently have been using "CamStudio" and I have nothing but problems with it due to me using it beyond it's capabilities. I am trying to record tutorials for my company involving CAD, Bluebeam and multiple screens. Camstudio just can't handle the multiple screens and too much movement. If anyone would have some suggestions, it would be helpful. Step two in this would
  3. My current place of work does not seem to be looking to upgrade to anything beyond basic 2d AutoCAD in the foreseeable future. But, while we sit stagnant, progress continues around me. It seems that a good 80% or more jobs out there are looking people to have Revit experience (or something similar). For that reason I am looking to purchase Revit program, and a new computer to go along with it. I would be using this to do work on the side, as well as just to use in order to know the program. I do understand that the program is about 5 grand or so, but will have help paying for it and th
  4. I first heard AutoCAD’s WS, then some other apps sprung up like mushrooms. Boeing even brought its nine decades of aviation innovation to iPad. Siemens is developing its app on mobile. Upgraded MC from GstarCAD was released, just name few. The companies who already launched their mobile apps are improving their products and companies who haven’t are developing. Is it relating to the recently statements (From Eric Jackson’s article that Google and Facebook might completely disappear in the next 5 years.) that the third generation will be Mobile?
  5. Hi friends, I have released a new tool for ACAD users and it would be great if I could find some beta testers. so what about you? 3D Injector is a stand alone application designed to create 3D Drawings from small images. Once the image is selected, the program will inject the necessary code into the ACAD command line to create a 3D mesh based on this image. Every pixel on the image is converted into a 3D point where the Z coordinate is elevated according to the pixel luminosity. Please find the link to download and test it. Comments, suggestions and bug reporting are welcome. http://ww
  6. 19cruthik68

    Which software

    Can anyone tell me which software for drawings are they using for oil and gas company beside from autocad. thanks
  7. Each software has its own advantages and i think everyone will come across some problems at work. So what will you do when your current software lacks the functions your want or are not powerful enough? To replace it with another software which has powerful such kind of functions but weak for other functions? Or combine the two software for using?
  8. Hello, everybody! For conducting Boolean operation, I use Trim but I feel troublesome since many selections have to be carried out. So I wonder are there some new way to simplify the process? Hope anyone could give me some advice. Thank you.
  9. Hello! For a designer, a good software is important to design. According to you, what's your desired software?
  10. I am a fan of geometry. Mostly because of aiding my daughter (junior high school) to better understand geometry questions?! First I started with AutoCAD and draw the drawings of her problems. Drawing shapes precisely, helps a lot to solve the problem. Later I find out that it is hard for her use ACAD. Then I searched the Internet and find out that there are many software specially designed for this purpose. I choose a one-month free one, Cabri II Plus (http://www.cabri.com). It is simple, easy to use, but I figured out that it is not easy to draw with measurement (or at least I couldn't
  11. Hi Friends, I am new to the 3D rendering field, I would like your help in: I am just searching for some integrated 3D rendering software which would be beneficial for architects, interior designers, mechanical engineers, designers. From your experience, which renderer will be beneficial for the following categories: Architects: Interior Designers: Mechanical Engineers: Or is there any integrated 3d rendering product that can be used for all the above professional needs? Can you also give the reasons for your choices please? And any inform
  12. Hi I have been seeking a copy of AutoCAD and want a legal second hand copy. I have researched the Internet and see from the Timothy Vernor case (2008)that this is legal but Autodesk don't like it. I have been offered a whole set of Autocad discs from 2005 through to 2010 including both LT and the full version. The company when bankrupt and the manuals, boxes, software DVDs etc were acquired in a liquidation sale. I am going to view this lot and want to know what I need to look for. My current understanding is that AutoCAD requires a serial number and authorisation code. From a
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