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Found 14 results

  1. I recently learned some tricks on drawing and exporting an electronic system diagram, which has been really helpful in saving my time. So I thought it'd be nice to share with you guys. I did my drawing on ZWCAD, as I recently switched from AutoCAD to it for a lower cost. If you also use ZWCAD, feel free to comment below. Tip 1 - Use Block Attribute to create a customized component library for easy reuse Step 1. Start the Tool Palette through [Tools] and click [Tool Palette Window] or use the shortcut command [Ctrl+3] on the menu bar. Step 2. Select the required component block on the current drawing, then hold down the left mouse button, drag it to the tool palette and release it. After that, the block will be added to the Tool Palette. Tip 2 - Use ZWCAD Smart Plot to output multiple electronic diagrams all at once Step 1. Open the drawing to be printed, click [File] in the toolbar, and then click [Smart Batch Plot]. Step 2. Select the printing device and choose a [Frame Style] in the pop-up dialog box. Step 3. Click [Select batch drawings], and select the drawings to be printed. Step 4. Click [Highlight], and finally click [Plot].
  2. Hi all, I'm hoping somebody could help me with this problem I'm having in the early stages of my design. The idea for the project is to create a mirror which can pivot or rotate back and forth via a handle that the operator moves from a distance, either this or possibly a mirror that they can slide from side to side (kind of like a crank-slider) to view what they need in order to work. I instantly thought of a bus door opening and closing and am working to create a handle like that. I'm struggling to see the motion of this though and figure out if it would move properly. I tried to animate it using techniques I learned from these videos but to no avail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4VAJ5mNnng https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTkNbi32ZNw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu6gMPZO86U <--- bus door opening Can anybody help with animating something in 3D so that I can continue progressing on this project? Thank you in advance!
  3. alperyalman

    Dental Bracket Design

    Hey there, I want to create 3D model of dental bracket as following: http://www.dentalbeatrizlopez.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/bracket.jpg Does anybody know how to model this dental braket? Of course I can draw this part by rule of tumb but I wonder if there are any standards and/or dimension to model these dental braces. If you help, I will be grateful. Thank you in advance. Alper
  4. I have my GI Bill that I can use at ITT Tech. Would the Design and Drafting course be worth anything? I am currently in the Civil Field and want to get much more proficient at it. Please, I need some advice. :-)
  5. My Mini Factory Christmas design competition: the winner will receive an assembled Ultimaker worth £1,690. To enter the Christmas contest applicants need to 3D model and upload a design to either (or both) of the submission design categories - Category 1 - a 3D printable decorative object with an 'endangered species' theme Category 2 - a 3D printable object for use during the seasonal festivities / with a seasonal theme My Mini Factory will be accepting entries from the 4th of November till the 20th of November. After this, entries will be posted on the website for a 3 week voting period. I work at My Mini Factory as a file tester so feel free to contact me on here if you have any questions
  6. amerdsp

    Spur Gear and Rack

    Hello all, Can anyone guide me how to go about designing a spur gear and rack? Here is what I have so far in Inventor Pro 2009: - A cylinder (this will be the gear) - A square rod (this will be the rack) - Tangent constraint between cylinder and rod. - In Dynamic simulation, I produced a rolling joint. Now when I want to create the gears using design accelerator, how do I specify the rod as the 2nd component? I do not have that option. I am new to inventor and being an electrical engineer who does not know much about gears is not helping either. Any hints or pointers appreciated. Thank you for your time and help. A
  7. Hello, I'm new to Cadtutor and would like to thank everyone in advance for any help they give me. I started using Inventor Pro 2013 a few weeks ago and I love being able model all my ideas. In doing so, I began to wonder what career path I could have with Inventor having no degree? I have a family and I am currently in the military, so i have a couple years to learn and research this path. College is not in my foreseable future but I would take some form of training and maybe even go for a certification by Autodesk. What if any are your thoughts.
  8. Rubberduck

    Best program for 3d car designing

    Hello! I have been wanting to design my own cars digiraly for quite a while now but my problem is that I dont know what software to use. I have been drawing/ designing my own cars on paper but now I want to do it digitaly. I got AutoCad and some basic knowledge of how it works, but Im fearing that Cad isent the best and easyest way to design cars. Im willing to spend some money on bouth soft and hardware to being able to design cars digitaly. Therefor Im woundering what the best software to design 3d cars in. I would like a software thats bouth good and easy but if there are none of them Id rather go with good than easy. So what is the best software to design 3d cars in according to you? Sincerely, Rubberduck
  9. Donald

    About web design

    I’m interested in web design. I know about how to use Dreamweaver to make html. Since Dreamweaver is “What you see is what you can get”, I don’t need to write code. I’m wondering it is better for green hand to use Dreamweaver to design web? It is necessary to learn the code?
  10. I first heard AutoCAD’s WS, then some other apps sprung up like mushrooms. Boeing even brought its nine decades of aviation innovation to iPad. Siemens is developing its app on mobile. Upgraded MC from GstarCAD was released, just name few. The companies who already launched their mobile apps are improving their products and companies who haven’t are developing. Is it relating to the recently statements (From Eric Jackson’s article that Google and Facebook might completely disappear in the next 5 years.) that the third generation will be Mobile?
  11. Hello everyone, my work has asked me to start using autocad mep to detail drawings since I have a little autocad experiance over the years. computer is up and running,acad mep installed,trimble design link installed,ready to go. now what? What file format do i need to get started /dwg ? i assume. I just need a push start and a little help to get a project started. any suggestions would be appreciated. I will be taking a few courses but nothing scheduled for a month or so.
  12. Hello, everybody! For conducting Boolean operation, I use Trim but I feel troublesome since many selections have to be carried out. So I wonder are there some new way to simplify the process? Hope anyone could give me some advice. Thank you.
  13. Hello! For a designer, a good software is important to design. According to you, what's your desired software?
  14. This Project Was Started around 5 Pm on June 6, 2011. It Was completed as seen at 7:51
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